50 Roses to DVAA.

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By DR. Bernard

DVAA!!!. Who is DVAA? DVAA is Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji. A child born 50 years ago.
A gift to Igala Kingdom. A blessing to the Youths, a blessing to the less previleged in our society, a hope to the hopeless.
DVAA is a man who has immaculately achieved. His self achievement has instigated his selfless services to humanity by pinching is achieving tent to politics of the State of Kogi and the Nation at large.
His tenacious characteristics is to take the burden of poverty, infrastructural deficit, youths unemployment, ageing poverty and suffering, educational backwardness and the lack of development out of our dear Kogi State and Igala land to be specific.

This young man is focused, dedicated and sincere. His character is completely different from that of “Nigerian Politicians”. Has young, handsome and gentle as he is, he would have claimed 25years old. All to keep in the the realm of politics. But he chooses to maintain his personality and integrity. A man for Kogi State!! Happy Birthday the LEADER!!!

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