2023; The Choice is Yours, TPAP charges Nigerians.

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2023; The Choice is Yours, TPAP tells Nigerians.

Ahead of 2023 general elections, the Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-Movement) has called on the working citizens and toiling masses of Kogi state to play active roles in all stages of the electoral process.

Speaking at the inaugural town hall meeting of the movement in Lokoja on Saturday, the steering committee chairman of TPAP-Movement, Kogi state chapter, Comrade Opaluwa Eleojo, said a new Kogi state and by extension, Nigerian society that is based on social justice, equitable distribution of wealth, social inclusion, and equitable access to opportunities, is possible.

Opaluwa said working citizens of Kogi state must rise to this task as they can no longer afford to sit on the fence and watch.

TPAP-Movement, according to the State Chairman, is a coalition of social forces committed to the emergence of a mass workers party, and the socialist transformation of Nigeria.

“If you are alarmed by the current grievous scale of poverty, joblessness, insecurity, homelessness and hopelessness of our national existence; If you’re tired of the perennial greed and induced incompetence of Nigeria’s ruling class; If you’re made to constantly feel ashamed to be a Nigerian and you resent this feeling; If you believe, as we do, that a New Nigeria is possible; If you are concerned enough to want to play a role in making a New Nigeria possible, then this is where you belong.

“TPAP-Movement was established as a movement for political engagement, social intervention aand struggle for political power.

“We will mobilize the working masses of Nigeria towards attaining political power, replacing the Nigerian ruling class, and ending its anti-people economic and social policies,” he said.

He called on the working citizens to talk to others, to canvass for the movement and establish circles of the movement in their respective locations, place of work and other places of social work.

“We must participate in all electioneering process. Remember, it is a crime to remain silent in the face of injustice.

“Welcome to a new beginning in Kogi state and the nation at large. A new Nigeria, where probity, transparency and accountability is made of our political culture to allow and tranquility is allowed for is possible.”


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