Bandits Lock down Omala Communities in kogi in Search of Monarch.

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Bandits invade Omala Communities in kogi .

As the killings and burning of property continued unabated in Bagana, some bandits believed to have come from Agatu Local Government Area of Benue state have stormed Okpotala village a stone through from Bagana allegedly in search of the embattled District Head of Bagana Chief Alih Haruna,

The bandits who stormed the village at the early hours of Friday numbering about 21 on seven motorcycles, shot sporadically into the air to announce their presence in the community.
The bandits, who initially started as militias from Agatu Communities in Benue state have been terrorising the people of Bagana since 2013, when they migrated to the communities on the kogi borders after they were allegedly displaced by the fulani herdsmen.
According to the natives , the bandits, who are believed to be loyal to one of the chiefs residing in Bagana, were said to have stormed Okpotala allegedly in search of District Head of Bagana Alih Haruna one of the belligerent in the crisis who often relocate to Okpotala whenever there was crisis in Bagana.

The bandits, who went from house to house looking for the chief , without success , engage in indiscriminate shooting that caused serious panic in the community as people scampered into the bushes with broken limbs.
A native who recount their ordeal, said, we were woken from sleep early this morning with barrage of gunshots. The Gunshots that lasted for an hour, followed with House to House search by the AK 47 welding marauders. We were terribly terrified and hid under the beds while those at the outskirts ran into the bushes for safety.
” We could not understand, reasons for the attack, but , we later, gathered that, the attackers came in search of some perceived persons that may have participated in the last Monday attack on their king at Bagana.

” Irked by inability to get their target, they resorted to harassment and torture of our youths who dare to confront them for their act and in the process one of our youths was shot on the foot , while others were mercilessly flogged. It rook the bravery of our youths who mobilised to engage them before they fled.
” The incidence has been reported at the Divisional Police headquarters at Abejukolo . We called on Governor Yahaya Bello to wade into the Bagana Crisis , which , begun eight years ago and has killed over 300 persons and properties destroyed, with the latest attack on 1st September and 25th October, 2021 claiming about 15 persons and Houses razed down.” He lamented.
It would be recalled that the crisis between fulani herders / Agatu Farmers in Benue state snowballed into clanish and Chieftaincy feud in Bagana that have brought the village to rubbles with large humanitarian crisis.
The Police Confirm the presence of the gunmen in the community and have launched discreet investigation.

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