How Refugees Commission Is freeing  IDPs  Of COVID-19, Other Ailements.

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How Refugees Commission Is freeing  IDPs  Of COVID-19, Other Ailements.


Since the prevalent of the global pandemic of COVID and possible lockdown for many months,the previous handlers of IDPs never deemed it fit to rescue the vulnerable from the world ravaged health challenges.

Few months down the line,the new management of the Refugees Commission under the Honorable Federal Commissioner,Imaan Suleiman- Ibrahim proactively took the bull by the horn, considering the fact that no amount of succour, empowerment,skill development, capacity building and training will see the light of the day when the IDPs are exposed to health hazards.

The recent flag off of vaccination of IDPs in collaboration with the National Primary Health Care Development Agency NPHCDA to ensure all the IDPs are vaccinated within the shortest possible time of COVID was a timely intervention.

Coming at a time ,the new leadership of the commission is just settling down for work ,six months after assumption of duty,with so many projects to be executed,while others with mere nomenclature are being redesigned, redirected and reorganized with a view to meeting the set goals of giving the maximum attention to the refugees and the Internally Displaced Persons IDPS in Nigeria.

The new Federal Commissioner with very particular and reserved interest of IDPs is readily available to partner with both public and private organisations that will ensure the welfare and the wellbeing of the vulnerable, particularly as they are temporarily accommodated because of emergencies.

With the new wave of COVID that included both the Delta and Omicron variant aftermath of the first,second and third wave,the need to rejig the pharmaceutical requirements on the IDPs became sancrosanct,to avoid spill over and dire consequences.

Since the primary demands of the IDPs is food and shelter,the need to safeguard their health status cannot be overemphasized,hence the proactiveness of the Refugees Commission.

Though, strictly monitoring the non pharmaceutical requirements like social distancing,washing of hands, application of sanitizers and congestion cannot be enough, to overlook the administration of vaccines of COVID on the populace with abode at the IDPs.

The positive developement will go along way to rid the camps of any unforeseen situations that may result from non vaccination of IDPs and other vulnerable.

The thoughtful decisions of the new leadership under Hajiya Imaan Suleiman Ibrahim will stabilise the health status of the IDPs,and at the same time exposed them to many programs being introduced by the Refugees Commission.

With records of constant attention to the health of the IDPs through the commission,public,private and well to do in the society,the vaccination being implemented in the IDPs will go along way to nip in the bud any possible outbreak of COVID or any other sicknesses in the camps.

With deep commitement of government through the commission,no doubt the spread of the dreaded global diseases of COVID will be contained in the refugees camps.

With the exposure to environmental hazards before the new commision came on board,the new wave of tackling all the awkward had reverted the IDPs to once again a place of abode,rather than mere media hype.

With food,shelter and good health,the stage is now set to inculcate new vision and mission of the Imaan Suleiman- Ibrahim led National Commission for Refugees Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons NCFRMI in Nigeria.

Her new approach through partnership to impact skill knowledge and enterpreneurial developement with both private and public institutions will be a new wave to revert the plight of IDPs from self reliance on government to self sustenance through capacity building and training.

A healthy nation,is a wealthy nation,the distressed under the current dispensation will not be opened to all sorts of hazards and unnatural consequences.

Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja.

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