Great Expectations, as Justice Hussein Baba Yusuf , legal Icon, becomes Chief Judge of FCT .

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Great Expectations, as Justice Hussein Baba Yusuf , legal Icon, becomes Chief Judge of FCT .


Justice Hussein Baba Yusuf, became visible public figure, coming to clear focus through his courage and accomplishment as legal Icon. His life, his convictions and his dedication in all his appointments pose an unmistakable challenge to his time to which he was in many other respects so well-attuned.

In 1976 when he was leaving Saint Charles College Ankpa, he was given a letter to his family by the principal of the college secretly. In it, his principal encouragedbHussein to study Law as a profession. While in college, he was popularly known as “OC” because of his overall control of situations.

He had never been paralysed by challenges or complexity. He worked through complexities intellectually and legally. An outstanding man, his skills as a listener honed in professional life is transferred to any kind of responsibility bestowed on him and would not cease but rather continue on a superficial way. These striking characteristic gave his life a remarkably rich texture and endeared him to a lot of people he worked with and those who worked with him.

The Senate, the highest law making body of the federation saw nothing bad in his appointment as the Chief Judge (CJ) of FCT. According to Senate, “There is no petition against him”. He has a clean slate.

In all his legal appointments with associates he painstakingly and carefully exercised the exceptional privilege to serve. He is a large figure indeed and not simply because of the privilege position he found himself today but because of the integrity with which even his most implacable critics concede his wit.

As a young man, Justice Baba worked in the legal profession in urban centres passing through magistracy to Chief Registrar in Kogi State. However, he wanted to widen his legal horizon beyond Kogi State that’s why FCT became the beautiful bride and he has not regretted the choice.

He recognized common humanity and knows that words and bold act help meet people’s need. His formative years at Saint Charles College, he showed strong leadership quality which built his capacity to lead and serve the needs of people under him. Most of his mates in the school new that one day a story would be told that God was preparing My Lord Justice Hussein Baba Yusuf for a purpose. He started exhibiting leadership thraits at that point such that in all his appointment he takes concrete steps to succeed and he succeeds almost effortlessly.

Educated at Saint Charles College Ankpa, Kogi State, then Kwara and Benue States. In pursuit of academic laurel proceeded to school of Basic Studies Ugbokolo, Benue State, but started his quest for legal rights and might in University of Lagos, Lagos State, with intelligence and brilliance. He had a straight run through his educational pursuit. Hussein, a man of real fibre and of brilliant achievement in his career, charismatic and calm; an enthralling mix of cultured intellect and sheer hardwork had a flawless journey through his legal career despites the enormous challenges and obstacles that came his way.
With a sharp and clear analytical mind, he is a risk taker. A personable man and an excellent conversationalist. Baba Yusuf is someone with confidence that you can’t help admiring, even if you hate him.

This attribute is being attested to by some of his classmates, Assistant Controller General , Correctional Centre retired (ACGC) Adamu Omale and Dr Godwin Alhassan who agreed that Justice Hussein Baba Yusuf worked assiduously for his present position.

He is a great brand jurist and effective human resources manager, who has the face to advertise his achievements. He never forgets favour done to him. He is a role model, someone with the interest of all those under his ambit at heart which reflects in the way he goes about the finest role he always brought to position of responsibilities he held before now.
A legal officer per excellence and a man with impeccable integrity, a workaholic and prudent manager of both human and material resources, a trusted companion and a good friend. He touches many lives for good.

In the first instance, he has always been a man of self-confidence taking into cognizance his early life and development.
Understanding of him has been made difficult by the tradition of sycophancy that characterizes the relationship between many of those who work and those who analyze his activities.

The outcome of this, is that , Justice Hussein is frequently perceived in conflicting terms, seem as a sign of contradiction.
Stepping back from the conventional analysis and looking at this well-known public figure from a different angle from inside the convictions and commitment that makes him who he is. It may help to begin by thinking of him as a man who grew up very fast.

The events that shaped his early life developed his interest and concern, a function of his particular, specific and radical legal commitment, the very structure which is dramatic. His radicalism is a simplicity that lies on the far side of complexity to which he is very much attuned with.

He is not in the group of those who go in to say yes and come outside to say no. Very fast in analysing issue and coming out with a workable solution.
He is a good book you will like to read and read again. He recognizes his goal to reach which requires dedication and sacrifice. With a strong fighting spirit he overcomes formidable obstacles which goes to show that fear is no match for dream.

One outstanding quality of Justice Yusuf is his ability to attract people to himself despite all odds.
He tries as much as he can to assist all those who come his way for help. He does not keep the benefit attached to his privilege position to himself or to his immediate family but rather extend it to all and sundry.

When it comes to assisting the needy, he is generous to a fault, considering his childhood background, he does not wish for anyone to lack the basic need of life and so he tries as much as he can to reach out to the less privileged in the society because he does not attribute all human ills to economic conditions but to man’s relationship with fellow man and with God his Creator.

When it was time to bid each other farewell from Secondary School then, My Lord Justice Hussein Baba Yusuf, told his classmates, those who cared to listen to him that the journey of life had just begun, but by the grace of God we’ll make something out of it, here we are.

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