NCFRMI: Unveiling A New Template For Migrants’ Welfare In Nigeria.

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NCFRMI: Unveiling A New Template For Migrants Welfare In Nigeria.


In Nigeria and outside the shores of the country, the plights of Migrants across board had being an issue of great concern both to government, organised private sector , public spirited individuals and corporate bodies.

These negative tendencies did not augur well for the upliftment of the vulnerable as well as the image of the country, before the international communities and around the globe.

The current leadership of NCFRMI under Hajiya Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim had made concerted efforts to address the critical plight of Persons of Concern (POC’s),scattered across the country and across the boarder with a whopping figure.

In the last six months or her assumption of duty, her dogged approach towards the welfare of the vulnerable by government particularly the Refugees, Migrants, stateless persons, returnees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons IDPs had being at the top roof level with desired attention.

This is obvious through special attention to each program of the commission by the leadership in line with the prevailing situations, to mitigate their plights through government and collective interventions.

To drive home her point and policy framework, and seeing the mobile nature of human endeavors,and to put in place a well thought out ideals and ideas,a resilient culture of Migration was put in place in the current dispensation.

These,among many others will replicate dialogue, sustainable strategies,so as to promote resilient human migration to guarantee healthy and robust living for the Migrants.

The 2021 program tagged “Human Mobility in the context of Sustainable Developement ” was meant to drive home the new agenda carried out to mark the occasion laced with new initiatives.

Last year’s event of 2021 was a departure from the old order driven by government alone,but along with corporate social responsibility organisations, network for migration and development both within and outside the shores of Nigeria,( CSOsNetMade).

This was carried out to enhance a sustained migration, governance, grassroot supports that will ensured smooth policy implementation in Nigeria and beyond.

With the new approach and actions,the expansion of Migrants policy in line with the Presidential directives and declaration,coordination towards the resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons IDPS.

Imaan’s initiatives was also geared towards matching words with the reviewed migration policy of 2015 as well as 2019 to 2020’s plan action of a robust policy for Migrants.

This also in line with the new policy thrust of Imaan’s leadership by creating series of avenue for self reliant, skill development and capacity building with the Migrants and migration as the bane of a crises ridden and prone society.

This was also in realisation of it’s continuous repatriation, reintegration, resettlement and reabsorption policy of the Refugees commision both from Africa and non African subregion like Libya, Niger, Cameron and other neighboring countries around the globe over the years,also taking cognisance of those in asylum, asylum seekers in Chad, Somalia, Niger and Cameron.

In the last six months on her assumption of duty, concerted efforts had being put in place to strengthen institutional framework by the National Commision for Refugmees Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons NCFRMI towards the good living of the vulnerable in Nigeria.

The policy thrust was in accordance with the global best practices and domesticated efforts by the leadership and government in Nigeria.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf and can be reached on

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