2023: Coalition of North Central Groups Declare Support For Southern Presidency

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The Coalition of the North Central Support Groups, a group of energetic men and women, strong political stakeholders, have resolved to officially declare their support for the Nigerian presidency to be zoned to Southern Nigeria.

The groups made the declaration in a Communiqué arising from their meeting held on January 13, 2022 in Abuja, and made available to journalists by its Spokes Person, Dr. Moses Paul, on Monday in Abuja.

The communiqué was jointly signed by the groups’ National Coordinator, Hon. Ocheme Joseph; its National Secretary, Alh. Isah Momosani Musa; and its National Women Leader, Hajia Agartha Ibrahim.

According to the communiqué, the teeming members of the Coalition of North Central Support Groups, a group of energetic men and women, strong political stakeholders, have gathered and resolved to officially declare support for the Nigerian presidency to be zoned to Southern Nigeria, and further state as follows:

”That this very resolve is anchored on our firm belief in equity, fairness and justice, which characterise the basic essence and foundation of our democracy.

”That we are solidly charged to state that thus far the voyage Nigeria has sailed so safely and peacefully, interms of mutual understanding amongst the various geopolitical zones in our country, Nigeria, and hence the need to promote national unity.

”That the hinges that allow a political power to swing between north and south have equitably been operated upon by political actors this while, irrespective of one’s leaning and interest, just as we have recorded less power tussles in the PDP and in other political parties.

”That Lately, Nigeria, which is the big picture, super structure and a superset from where all political parties make their calculations and permutations, form interests and ponder around, should be the focus of all political parties, especially our party; the Peoples Democratic Party-PDP, and the All Progressives’ Congress- APC.

”That all political parties build the fulcrum of their operations, pitch their survival and existence, mostly around winning elections, especially presidential election. These are the already entrenched patterns of aspirations in Nigeria.

”That as it stands, APC has fielded and Nigeria has voted Muhammadu Buhari as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And President Buhari is a northerner.

”That going by convention and the usual practice in Nigeria, Buhari will be exiting office on 29th May, 2023, after completing his constitutionally allowed eight (8) years in office. And thereafter, we appeal that the south should be given a chance.

”That as Nigerians, we are fully convinced that the most viable way to re-enact and foster the common and agelong cooperation of power rotation between north and south in Nigeria is to earnestly ask and call for the general support for a President from the south, which we believe that is due and very appropriate.

”That, for instance, going by Chapter 1, Section 7(3)(a-c) of the PDP constitution (as amended 2017), for us to ensure equity, fairness and justice, our party- PDP, will zone and rotate political offices between north and south. And as it stands , the north has just produced Senator Iyorchia Ayu, from Benue State, from the north, as the current National Chairman of our dear party, and his tenure will last for four years.

”That ,we believe to enthrone justice in PDP and in Nigeria, the south will be supported by all to produce the next presidential flag bearer of PDP. And this is our stand in the North Central.

”That in solidarity, we call on all PDP stakeholders in the south to rise up to this task and save our country, Nigeria, from the APC misrule. And let us be reminded that southern Nigeria has capable hands and competent leaders who can rescue and govern Nigeria more than the APC – Buhari government. And we call on all PDP stakeholders and the entire Nigeria, to support the south”.

”In conclusion, that as the political events unfold, we, the Coalition of North Central Support Group, have affirmed to render unflinching support, loyalty and mobilisation to PDP aspirants, and a candidate from south, that will emerge as PDP presidential flag bearer, soonest.

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