Preach religious tolerance, Inter faith Mediation Center charges clerics. 

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Preach religious tolerance, Inter faith Mediation Center charges clerics.
Against the backdrop of worsening intolerance among the major religious bodies, the Interfaith Mediation Center has advised religious leaders to preach  peaceful coexistence to their adherents.
The Coordinator, Community Peace Action Network (CPAN),  a non-governmental organisation, Mr Samson Auta, has cautioned Nigerians to verify information before they respond to curb religious crisis.
Auta made the call on Tuesday while speaking at a workshop organised by Inter-faith Mediation Centre in conjunction with Mercy Corps and USAID in Lokoja.
He pointed out that most of unfortunate religious crises recorded in Nigeria were due to misunderstanding and wrong response to handy information among followers of different religious groups.
“This is the main reason for organising this kind of inter-faith workshop involving Conflict Mitigation and Management Regional Council (CMMRC) and Community Peace Observers (CPOs) within the northern and central parts of Nigeria to enlighten them on how to handle information.
“We conduct this kind of awareness campaign in six states of Kano State, Kaduna State, Katsina State, Plateau, Benue and Kogi.
“The good thing about this training is for you, the CMMRC and CPOs, to endeavour to always feed us with quarterly reports on happenings within your communities, particularly on how best to co-exist peacefully,” he explained.
Auta pointed out that the challenges of the centre is lack of feedback, especially when the response within the communities that help mitigate conflict are not handled properly.
Also speaking, Hajia Ramatu Adamu, a facilitator, advised the citizens to always investigate any information received before responding.
Ramatu, who quoted from Quaran, said that any wrong action taken without proper verification shall surety be regretted.
“The holy books admonish us to first see ourselves in humanity and not in difference because whether you are Christian or Muslim, you are but human created by God Almighty,” she said.
Rev. Michael Ikpa, another facilitator, said: “As Nigerians, we must co-exist and understand one another so as to peacefully co-exist for the growth and development of Nigeria.
“Any information received must first be investigated before responding to avoid taking wrong decisions or actions that will inflame crisis or conflict among us,” he noted.

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