Great Achievers’ Hub opens shop in Lokoja. * Pledges to bridge unemployment*

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Great Achievers’ Hub opens shop in Lokoja.
* Pledges to bridge unemployment*
Nigerians have been asked not to see the accumulation of degrees as the only way out of poverty, rather making money and living comfortably can be made easy with the application of the 21st Century CEO’s.
Vincent Nwosu, Guest Speaker, , gave the charge at a one day Empowerment Program Organised by 21st Century CEO’s held in Lokoja, kogi state capital.
He advised Nigerians  to have  understanding of the times and season  which would enable them survive the Economy.
He urged Nigerian’s to see the current financial challenging period as a new time and season that has opened up new doors and opportunities for Nigerian’s in making money.
He listed the advantages of the 21st Century Hub as one that pays on daily basis, does not give target to participants, said Participants can
earn in six ways.
He listed the 21st Century Hub as one that does not allow for selling, explained that the business is transferable to a next of kin.
The Guest Speaker described the present time as a time when people thrive using connected economy, said it is not with gathering of paper qualifications, rather it is possible with a mentor who leads and guides.
Mr. Vincent, a Computer Expert and former Banker, advised Nigerians that they can operate as a operators by connecting people with product using tools, maintained that many people in Nigeria, inspite of the global Economic downturn are making more money than before through side businesses, and still holding onto there other jobs.
He noted that vision only makes sense if the results starts to showing, called on Kogites to embrace the understanding that while education remains the bedrock of sustainable development, success in business using the
21st CEO initiative doesn’t need Certificate but one that produces tangible and feasible result.
He said with the 21st Century CEO, you do not need a godfather, no plenty money, years of experience, added that all that is required is the application of informal Education Principles.
The Guest Speaker described relevant Education as the type of Education where somebody who has achieved your dreams holds you by the hands, watches your back to your success destination.
Mr. Vincent explained that in the past five years, 21st Century CEO’s have created more than a thousand people who make a monthly income of N1m, said it is a business where you don’t produce, market or distributes any product, said using the strategy of connection which includes Mentorship and other product, an individual
can earn N4.4m or
Make N250k and N300k daily.
The Guest Speaker noted that the 21st Century Hub can generate income in six ways through direct license making of
N5k for any one connected and N7k when the two people on the right and left connect people on a daily basis.
Other form of license aside the CEO license bonus he said Include Silver, Gold Sapphire and Rubby license, described the Great achievers hub as the way to go with the Present Economy

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