Stand for equal rights, justice, IFE GREAT MINDS told.

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Stand for equal rights, justice, IFE GREAT MINDS told.

*As She holds  first annual get to gether, launch of fund.
Equal rights and justice has been canvassed as the cornerstone for attainment of peace, unity, sustainable development for any society that want to enjoy her, God given inalienable human rights.
This is just as the leaderships at all levels have been enjoined to uphold integrity, forthrightness, capacity and ability to partner with other leaders across board as  a contingent for sustainable growth and  development for a  just Society.
This was part of the submission of  a  lecture delivered by Professor Joseph.O. Achegbulu with the ” theme “Unity , A panacea for Sustainable growth and development” organised by “Ife GREAT Minds” (IGM ) of Omala Local Government Area of kogi state  held on Saturday  in Lokoja .
The erudite professor, averred that the United Nations Development Programme  UNDP requires every nation to priotise  programmes  that  will ensure  the reduction of poverty , which is the  first of the seventeenth goals  which is a subsumation of  all the other goals.
He identified  poverty as  a global concern , and every nation is expected to working assiduously to eradicate it, stressing that growth and development cannot be achieved without peace.
He  charged the IGM to strive to block incidences that will break down peace and security within the Ife geographical domain as a panacea for Sustainable growth and development
Professor Achegbulu who highlighted the need for the Ife like minds to always project the good of group in the context of living above aboard of transparency, honesty and fairness.
He challenged the organisers to often uphold and to become harbinger of the mission and vision of Ife Great minds for sustainable development and growth.
According to him ” Can the leadership be a pacesetter for the much needed desired Ife Unity, can they envision and follow to logical conclusion the central development issues earlier raised concerning no poverty, no unemployment, no imbalance in resource distribution, no divisive elements and no political thuggery.
” Can this body be an embodiment of centripetal values to stand and defend the course of Ife in areas of rural empowerment programmes, human capital development, self help projects or demand for transparency and accountability from our political leaders” He asked rhetorically .
He urged the group to uphold nationalistic, centripetal values, non political partisanship, development of professionalism and above all, humanity should be her  major concern, adding that without these key ingredients, the Ife, Omala and indeed kogi state would continue to hover in circles.
In his contribution, the Chairman of the occasion, Hon. Abel Egbita,commended the organisers for the programme which intent and purpose is to build bridges across dialectical, political,  religious and class divides .
He averred that the unity of our people is sacrosanct in the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals, hence all hands must be on deck to build a virile and cohesive union of all the segments of the people that will be devoid of acrimony and pull him down syndrome.
The budding politician said he  is optimistic that with the calibre of the attendees, the much cherish growth and development will be birthed in a hurry and called on the people to join hands in the upliftment of  each other for the greatness of the land .
He , however, advocated for establishment of tertiary institutions in Ife  as a catalyst for the building of more great minds, lamented that Ife lagged behind because of no functional institutions that Will attract people from other areas that will stimulate businesses and enterprises.
In a remark, the president of the Ife Like minds, Hon. Simeon Omale , disclosed that the Association came into being in 2019, to generate and drives innovative ideas by huge reservoir of intellectual and opinion moulders that abound within the clime.
He decried the gaps and loose of trust among the political leadership of Omala , in the fourth republics was a fester for crimes criminality and violent conflict mostly in electioneering in Ife Unit of the Local Government Area.
He explained that though the group is relatively new, it has achieved peace building, reconciliation of political enemies,offering security assistance and above all , it has ensured religious and tribal harmony.
The president, disclosed that in order to achieve lofty objectives, it has to launch a Development Trust Fund to pull resources to implement numerous projects and programmes.
He when fully operational, it will enable them to embark full-scale Advocacy, rallies, lectures, seminars ; organising extra-mural classes for final year secondary students, grassroots mobilisation and to interface with political leaders and the electorate.
He said the theme of the lecture” Unity , a panacea for Sustainable growth and development was critically examined to address the need for Ife Sons and daughters to unite regardless of political, Religion, ethnicity and social strata to build a community of our dream.
In their separate speeches, the executive chairman of Omala Local Government Council, Hon. Ibrahim Yakubu Aboh, Labaran Oyigebe, a Commissioner with kogi independent election commission,  members representing Omala state constituency, Hon .Collins Attai Musa, agreed to work in synergy with groups , individuals, and corporate Organisations to engender peace and security  that will promote sustainable development across the land.
Meanwhile, the occasion draw creme la creme of Ife Sons and daughters and their friends from within and outside the state.

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