Unlocking the “beneath earth  potentials,” as Professor Nuhu Obaje holds town hall meeting, Saturday, 19, 2022 at Ajaka , Igalamela Odolu LGA.

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Unlocking the “beneath earth  potentials,” as Professor Nuhu Obaje holds town hall meeting, Saturday, 19, 2022 at Ajaka , Igalamela Odolu LGA.
Comrade Alih Atabor
God Almighty is all knowing and a rewarder. He chose those and environment to locate his wonders.
He would have considered inhibiting ecosystem to deposit what the inhabitants need  to meet up with challenges of life.
He puts whatever the mother earth needs  to feed her children, no matter the ecology.
To some , gold,  silver, bitumen, others black gold . He empowers men and women within the ecosystem to tap and exploit the wonders within their soil for the general well-being of their people.
Unfortunately, though, when , homosapiens within this zone, who were given latitude to exploit their natural resource, would not be able to identify them for their peril.
This is aptly captured in Genesis 16 : 14, when Hagai mother of Isamail, after she was driven by husband, Abraham .
She was by the well and she did not know. Her child Ismail was thirsty to a point of death. She cried in prayers and God told her that she was by the solution-well- but her eyes were not opened.
The Igalamela geographical space in kogi is laden with abundant mineral resources that have been hidden under the soil, alas, no one knew what to do to bring prosperity to the people.
It was in the anomie that God against human understanding raised a village man, who against permutations, became  a world class researcher, to discover the wonder of God in the soil.
Professor George Nuhu Obaje, a world class Geologist being engaged by the number one agencies of the country ,NNPC ,to undertake the unearthing of these resources across the country.
To this great pride of  Igala nation and indeed the country , Professor George Nuhu  Obaje ,  in a  “didactic dialogue” noted that charity has to start from home.
No wonder that  he has  slated this Saturday( 19/2/2022 ) for an Igala mela town hall meeting holding at Ajaka, headquarters of the Local Government where he will show case the hidden treasures of her people and how to explore avenue for exploitation.
Speaking to our correspondent on the occasion, the President, Igalamela Community Development  Association,ICDA , Mr. Isaac Inah said  the engagement and call has become necessary in view of the urgent need for economic diversification for enhancing growth and sustainable development in the face of dwindling resources.
He said It has therefore become imperative for the community to align with her experts in various fields to ensure value addition to the  polity and development effort of Communities.
He , however called on the people to avail themselves to attend the all important town hall meeting  this Saturday which has the potential for an economic paradym.

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