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By Rotr Jibrin Salisu Destiny
In every political dispensation, especially when elections draw near; one cannot deny the fact that different permutations arise. Some of these permutations are based on realities, while some are simply put forward to satisfy just a few microscopic political caucus that can be described as self-centered.
Particularly, a peculiar situation has been a regular debate topic among constituents of the Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro  Federal Constituency. This matter is no other than the need to give indigenes of Omala Local Government a chance at the Green Chamber. This yearning has become a thing of utmost importance as it has been occupied by the sister’s Ankpa and Olamaboro Local Government, a position Olamaboro occupied for two time which Ankpa are occupying for the third term but Omala is no where to be found in the rotation chart.  This situation calls for more attention as those six’s term since 1999 have been solely occupied by Ankpa three times, Olamaboro two times and  consider Omala out of pity for one term.
The Journey Of Rotation So Far
Without rancour, disunity or misgivings among the people,  in the past, our dear Ankpa Federal Constituency used to enjoy an undisturbed rotation between both Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro Local Government, the three Local Governments that constitutes the Constituency.
Going down history lane, this is well explained as follows:
1. Hon Muazu Abimaje (1999-2003) from Ankpa Local Government.
2. Hon. Attai Aidoko (2003-2007) from Olamaboro Local Government.
3. Hon. Attai Aidoko (2007-2011) from Olamaboro Local Government.
4. Hon. Muhammed Idris (2011-2015) from Omala Local Government.
5. Hon. Hassan Omale (2015-2019) from Ankpa Local Government.
6. Hon. Ibrahim Abdullahi Halims  (2019-2023) from Ankpa Local Government.
This analysis is an eye opener that out of six political tenures since 1999 (of twenty four years), Omala Local Government has  had opportunity of serving in the House of Representatives for only one tenures (of four years) while the remaining five tenures (of twenty years) were occupied by indigenes of Ankpa and Olamaboro Local Government. Indeed,  anyone who is not bias will sympathize with Omala people and crave the indulgence of all political stakeholders involved to give them a chance in the  Green Chambers come 2023.
A Call for Consideration Not Out Of Place
The present situation in Ankpa Federal Constituency can be likened to three brothers dwelling in a single room having just one bed in it. They decided to sleep on the bed, in turn,  day after day. It will definitely be unjust and improper for a particular two brothers to sleep on the bed for five days consecutively, while the other one watches, helplessly, while lying on the floor. The call for Omala Local Government to be considered to occupy the seat of the Federal House of Representatives in 2023, cannot be said to be out of place.
Reasons For Omala Local Government To Be Considered
Having run a brief historical analysis on how the seat of House of Representatives has been occupied in Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro Federal Constituency  since the inception of the democratic dispensation, the following outcomes (among others) will be achieved if Omala Local Government is considered:
• Equity and fairness.
• All-Inclusive democracy.
• True sense of belonging.
• Wider spread of Constituency projects.
• Show of Constituency brotherhood.
• Fostering of unity, harmony and oneness.
Waving Aside Unnecessary Insinuations About Omala and Olamaboro Local Government Being Overbearing Politically
There have been several unnecessary insinuations that Omala Local Government has been and will still be overbearing politically. This has been put forward with an argument that it is an indigene of Omala Local Government that has occupied the Governorship seat for the Nine (9) terms. While it  is true that Omala indigenes has occupied the seat for nine (9) terms, the argument brings to bear the position  of Team AbelEgbita that we should  change the narratives. A deeper insight into the whole scenario revealed the following facts:
1. Looking at it from the angle of Governorship, Kogi State is made up of twenty-one (21) Local Governments in all. This means that the decision on who becomes the governor is completely beyond the scope, power and rights of only Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro Federal Constituency. It, therefore, implies that past decisions have been made jointly made by the twenty-one (21)  Local Governments in Kogi State.
2. Looking at the angle of Senate occupied by Hon. Attai Aidoko from Olamaboro Local Government, Kogi East Senatorial District is made up of Nine(9) Local Governments in all. This means that the decision on who becomes the Senator is completely beyond the scope, power and rights of only Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro Federal Constituency. It, therefore, implies that past decisions have been made jointly made by the Nine(9) Local Governments in the Eastern Senatorial District of Kogi State.
3. It is also pertinent to note that the present argument is for an Omala person to be considered for House of Representative from 2023. This is when the present dispensation must have elapsed. It will amount to injustice to deny Omala the House of Representative seat in 2023. Let consider Omala in 2023, for justice and equity.
4. Again, another baseless theory is being postulated that Omala Local Government cannot produce a Governor for Nine years if the chance for house of Representatives is given. On whose authority are the two positions being appropriated to Omala. Did the theory creator seek the concurrence of all the twenty-one Local Government Governorship Stakeholders in Kogi State?  Does Ankpa, Omala and Olamaboro Local Government have the some right to appropriate what belongs to twenty-one Local Goverments to Omala?
It is a common principle of law that a person can not give what he does not have. The position that exclusively belongs to Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro Federal Constituency is that of Federal House of Representatives.That, in our opinion, is what is available for negotiation between the three Local Governments.
Omala, Ankpa and Olamaboro Local Goverments only are, in no way, Competent to use the Governorship slot that belongs to twenty-one Local Government Areas to  bargain for the House of Representative slot that belongs to just three Local Government Areas.
The quest for Omala Local Government to occupy the House of Representative Seat from May 2023 is  decent, healthy, just and  incontrovertible.

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