Lent; Gabriel Onoja urges Catholics to pray for Nigeria, Ukraine.

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Lent; Gabriel Onoja urges Catholics to pray for Nigeria, Ukraine.
The chairman, Enemona Foundation, Gabriel Onoja has called on Catholic faithfuls across the globe to pray for sustainable peace and stability of Nigeria and a cease fire of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine
In a leten message made available to Catholics on Ash Wednesday, said Catholics are to dedicate the season to prayers, and asking God to receive their supplications for peace to return to troubled parts of Nigeria, especially states ravaged by activities of Bokoharam, Banditry, kidnapping  and other unrest.
Gabriel Onoja in the statement he personally signed said, Nigerians should devote adequate time in prayers  to ensure  that peace is witnessed again across the country.
The founder commended the Holy Family, the superime Pontiff of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis for volunteering to midwife between Russia and Ukraine to ensure that peace returns to the two troubled countries who he said are brothers.
Onoja called on Catholics around the world to make this intention  a special and conscious prayer point during this forty days of prayer, almsgiving, penitance supplications  and repentance.
Ahead of the 2023 elections,  the founder equally called for intensive prayers for a politically friendly environment, people oriented leaders who will live to their responsibilities and leaders who will save Nigerians from poverty, distress and hunger.
Being a period of almsgiving and for a foundation known to be caring for orphans,  widows and the vulnerable members of the society,  Gabril Onoja advised Catholics to use the lenten observance to do more of charity, living for the poor and caring for the needy is a core mandate of the season.
He prayed for a spirit filled lenten season and wished that the prayers made this time will be to the good of  Nigeria and Nigerians is all aspects of it’s socio-exonomic and political life.

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