Drama as 3 bandits, Army deserter escape from Army guardroom in Lokoja.

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Drama as 3 bandits, Army deserter escape from guardroom at Army Barracks in Lokoja.
Three bandits,  and an Army deserter have allegedly  escaped from army guardroom  at Chari Maigumeri Barracks, Lokoja, Kogi State.
The soldier was said to have been arrested and moved from Maiduguri to Lokoja army detention cell at chari Maigumeri Barracks along side three other detainees.
It was gathered that the incident happened on Sunday night when Lokoja witnessed its first rain in the year.
A source in the Nigerian Army, who pleaded anonymity, told our correspondent that the army has intensified effort to recapture the escaped bandits and the soldier.
“The Army is making frantic effort to arrest the four suspects. From what we learnt, the soldier was seen with a rifle as he aided the escape of the three bandits.
“He has been in our cell here, waiting for when he will be tried. Unfortunately, when it rained heavily on Sunday, the soldier used the opportunity to escape when officers on duty were asleep.
As I speak to you, the army has mounted surveillance in every entry and exit point of Kogi State to ensure the escapees are re-arrested.”
However, the Public Relations officer attached to the command, Lieutenant David Adewusi feigned ingnorance of the escape of the bandits
According to him “I have no comment to make as I am not aware of anything like that,” he retorted.

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