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The way and manner the PDP conducted its affair at the primaries of 1998 prompted late Dr. Steven Achema to take one of the most remarkable political action in his career before his demise barely a year later.

History has alluded to the fact that political actors enter into alliances and accord to further their political interest. Political interest in it self come in different form. It could be Ethnic, Religious or Economic.

The emergence of Prince Abubakar Audu as the candidate of All People Party after series of negotiation with Dr. Alex kadiri created a platform for Dr. Achema to demostrate the strenght of his Ethnic Nationality in terms of numerical configuration. The choice of Ukanukpoda was as a result of its centrality as a melting point of Igala land.

In attendance on the side of the two divides were ,Dr. Achema Leader of his group, others Included late Pa Wada Ejiga, late Chief James Unwuchola(OFR), Capt. Joe Agada, Bar Humphrey Abah, Engr. Emma Uchola, Elder Mike Achimugu, Chief John Odawn, Ukubile Atanu,Charles Omatola, late Sani Igonoh ,Ayuba Agahiu late Alhaji Nuhu Audu,Dr HPO Ahmodu, late Ali Ogu.
Others are young energetic Idris Husseini, Jonathan Jibrin and Alhaji Yahaya Isah Liberty.

On the other hand with Prince Abubakar Audu as team lead had Dr. Alex Kadiri, late Hon. Dan Kadiri, Hon. Dave Apeh, Alhaji Salami Asta, late Mall.Sani Ogu, Dr. Emmanuel Onucheyo,late Mall. Adejo Ademu (go slow) Dr Sule Odoma and a host of others.

The crux of the discussion centered around the need for an Igala Agenda in the impending election of January 1999.

Dr. Achema affirmed the decision of him and his supporters to jettison party interest and support Prince Audu the APP Candidate.The major demands of the Achema groups was for Prince Audu to rescind his decision to site the Kogi State University at Kabba, a pronouncement during his first tenure and to site the university at Ayingba. Achema also demanded for some Commissionership slots for his group in an all inclusive Government.

In his avowed commitment to the Accord, Dr. Achema openly announced on radio for his supporters and the entire Igala people to vote the Candidate of APP, Prince Audu without recourse to the repercussion that may befall him in the Incoming PDP Administration of General Olusegun Obasonjo.

Albeit, that action deprived him of a ministerial slot due to accusation of notable Okun Leaders that he was involved in anti Party activities.Dr. Achema stood tall and was celebrated by his people while he lived, in death and till date. Though his death in a ghastly motor accident while travelling to install an Igala PDP Chairman dealt a big blow on the Igala Nation, his Political Philosophy remain a phenomenon till date.


The political landscape is heated again as we seek to elect another set of leaders .
We should be weary of Enemuneme.
A situation that we jettison our own for another tribe just for a dangle of carrot or morsel of bread

The compromise posture of some of our Leaders is antithetical to the Achema Philosophy, nevertheless we salute great Patriots that have stood firm and remained steadfast in the mist of intimidation. As for our teeming population I see the “UJACHE SPIRIT” so strong.May the Spirit of Dr. Achema and other falling patriots continue to rest on

Jonathan Jibrin

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