2023: APC Northern Group Intensifies Call On Godwin Emefiele To Run For Presidency

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2023: APC Northern Group Intensifies Call On Godwin Emefiele To Run For Presidency


The Unified Northern Nigeria Youths’ Forum within the All Progressive Congress (APC), has urged youths in Kogi to join in intensifying call on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Dr Godwin Emefiele to contest for Nigeria presidency in 2023 election.

The Convener of the group, Mohammed Danlami, spoke at a news conference on Wednesday in Lokoja, said Dr Emefiele remained the APC’s only chance to winning the 2023 presidential election.

He noted that the northern youth group was on a clarion call because they have realised that the unity of Nigeria is non negotiable, saying from the time immemorial, Nigeria has been ruled by two blocs; the north and the south.

He decried the divisive ambition of some selfish northern politicians to disrupt the existing presidential zoning arrangement between the north and south, which had engendered the unity of Nigeria.

Danlami stressed that Nigeria as a country had passed through many challenges, saying what has been keeping us together as a country was the brotherhood we shared.

He noted that ‘President Muhammadu Buhari, who is from the north would complete his eight years’ tenure in 2023, and the fair thing to do is to zone presidency to the south and give them total support for the unity of Nigeria.

He said that as youths from the northern Nigeria they have consulted with 17 northern States and Kogi would be the 18th State in the series.

According to him, we have supported regular politicians long enough without tangible results, let us try something different to support a technocrat.

”We, in the unified northern youths’ forum, have realised that what Nigeria need now is a detribalised Nigerian, who is very compentent with capacity, and ready to transform all sectors of the Nigeria economy.

”We have realised that among President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointees no one has contributed so immensely to the success of Nigeria like Gowdin Emefiele,” Danlami said.

He, therefore enjoined all Kogi youths and all other stakeholders to join them in the call for Emefiele to contest for 2023 presidency, stressing that he remained the most qualified candidate to replace Buhari.

Also speaking, Mr Aliyu Sani, the Spokesperson of the group, reiterated that the CBN Governor remained the APC’s only chance to winning the 2023 presidential election.

”The consensus card seems to be playing out well, and now that the 2023 general election approaches us, the techniques and magic of the consensus card must employed once more for APC to retain power.

”But only that this time, one man must emerge from the consensus, a technocrat, versatile, with vast knowledge of the economy, the captain of the Nigeria’s apex Bank leading the diversification of Nigeria’s economy, the savior of an economy that was doomed and faith to crash unconditionally, a stabilizing force, hardworking and dedicated Gentleman, Dr Godwin Emefiele.

”A born leader, with so much love for the project Nigeria; this explains his commitment and certainly the desire to tirelessly work day and night for the good of the public.

”In the course of our tour across the 17 Northern States we visited, this being the 18th, the Unified Northern Nigeria Youth Forum realized constantly in all states, the people are now aware of the man behind stabilizing the economy, charged with the responsibility of reviving the economy to compete both nationally and internationally.

”By virtue of his antecedents as the Zenith Bank captain and pilot of the CBN, the Nigerian masses want him to be given the seat of leadership for peace, Progress and Prosperity to be restored to Nigeria,” Sani said.

He highlighted all the tremendous achievements of the CBN Governor, adding that: ”personally, Dr Godwin Emefiele is scandal free, never has there been any scandal attached to him from his days in the private sector to now in the Central Bank of Nigeria.

”He is full of integrity, sincerity, trustworthy, accountable and transparent.

”Even though he practices Christianity, religious sentiment is not his thing, he is not a religious bigot, he embraces everyone, irrespective of their religion or tribe, because he believes in the unity of Nigeria.

”It is clear now beyond reasonable doubt that if it is highest level of competence, credibility, merit, performance, dedication, hard work, commitment and economic growth we desire, then Dr Godwin Emefiele is the only candidate standing tall ahead of other candidates.

”He is APC’S best and only chance to winning the 2023 presidential election because only him epitomizes all these qualities.

”We must halt and focus our attention and energy to call on Dr Godwin Emefiele to contest for the president of this Giant of Africa, so that Peace, Progress and Prosperity will be the new order of the day”.


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