THE DESPERATION OF A FALLING MAN: Sen. Smart Adeyemi Resorts to Old Ways, Goes on knees Pleading for Forgiveness

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By Omolye J.B. Snr.
Just less than ten days to the primary elections that will present who is to be the flag bearer of APC in the Kogi West Senatorial District, Sen. Smart Adeyemi has been terrible perturbed having noticed that the pendulum is no longer in his favour.
The embattled senator is never ready to leave the stage. He has been calling and sending emissaries across the LGs to strike a deal with the stakeholders especially those from Okun and Lokoja/Koto federal constituency.
This was the same man that called the whole of Yagba all form of unprintable and uncharitable names.
He made several promises during his campaigns but fulfilled none, instead he has resorted to recruiting social media    unemployed youths to defend his inadequacies and attack anyone challenging his ineptitude.
When he discovered that the media space is no longer going to work for him, he is alledged to have deviced another old way which is to plead on his knees and even go as far as sending emissaries to those that are not close to negotiate on his stead and to make promises that he will never keep just as he has been doing.
Having knew that it has now dawn on him, he has gone as far as to allegedly make financial promises but with conditions of support to his candidacy.
In one of his outings to party stakeholders, he said if he can be trusted once again he will only go for one term which is to become the Senate President and after which he will support a Yagba man for Senate.
It now beats one’s imagination how, where and when has he turn to a kingmaker? The same person that had to be assisted before he could make it to the Senate has now turn to the one that will decide who gets what and when they will get them. Power belongs to God and he gives whosoever he pleases.
The people have been saying it vociferously that any party that is ready to loose should present him or any of his likes to them.
To all those that he has either call or sent his emissaries to, I appreciate your doggedness and commend your firmness, commitment and integrity towards what you believe that is right, just and acceptable. This is the best time to send the best signal and statement to people who will belive that it is only when elections are around the corners that they can come around to buy their ways. This is the best thing to do but never relent because a desperate man will want to do anything to have his ways and one thing is sure in such circumstances, he will only buy his ways and will never deliver any of his promises just as he has been doing. It is time up. It is time to call it a day for under perfomance, arrogance, excuses and vote buying.
OmoIye J. B. _Snr. Writes from Lokoja, Kogi State

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