Inaugural lecture series: Challenge us with  researches , Varsity Don charges FG, Industries. 

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Inaugural lecture series: Challenge us with  researches , Varsity Don charges FG, Industries.
Praise Julius Lokoja
A varsity Don, Professor Benjamin Mopah Dauda has called on the Governments at all levels and captain of industries  to put  the academicians to task with researches on critical and development issues in order to move the  nation forward.
The is just as he decried the dearth of Research and Development Departments in most industries and corporate organisations in the country.
Professor Benjamin Mopah Dauda made the call  while delivering his inaugural lecture at the Federal University Lokoja on Wednesday.
Professor Mopah Dauda , a professor of polymer in the faculty of Science, Federal University Lokoja in his lecture title Polymer : Materials Driving Technological Advancement, said, today’s world is ruled by polymer derivatives and as such,  Nigeria will be doing itself disservice if it  fails to move with the emerging polymer technology.
He defined polymer as  any of a class of natural or synthetic substances composed of very large molecules, called macromolecules, which are multiples of simpler chemical units called monomers, and a  make up of many of the materials in living organisms which are the basis of minerals and man-made materials.
He said , globally, human beings use over one million plastic bottles daily,  cars, aeroplanes, construction of  houses , and music  sound systems which are  manufactured nowadays use   polymer composites rather than steel.
He said polymer is taking the centre stage in the manufactures of these products because of its light weight, minimal corrosion , durability and easy processing, while helping to conserve energy usage
He added that there is a great  advantage in migrating to polymer composites in manufacturing of essential  materials such as  the production of paints, Foams, adhesives, rubber ; plastics., aeroplanes, cars with less energy consumption compared  with those built on steel.
Professor Dauda explained that polymer is being used to replace steel because of its potentials for fatigue resistance and capable of addressing catastrophic failure.
According to him, among other usefulness of polymer in this modern technology advancement is its high impact in the detection of  faults within composites.
He lamented at the frequent oil spillage, oil theft and pipelines burst  leading to over three million barrels spill into the ecosystem with its consequences on man and economic losses.
He disclosed that his recent research approval by the Raw Material Research and Development council on reusable oil spill Sorbent is one in a right direction as he is working to  Control the sorbent from bunch sheet of polystyrene and polypropylene to develop large weight materials.
He said while cotton is a better oil Sorbent ,a more hydrophobic and  a lower bio degradation span.
He said while many nations are spending billions of dollars on research and development and commissioning their intellectuals to undertake the task, Nigeria should not lag behind if it must take quantum leap into future.
He said , no nation develop on the foreign nationals, hence, the government and industrialists as a  matter of necessity begin to task their researchers on ways to solving societal pressing needs.
He lamented that the academics in this country have been under utilised in the area of research, stressing that apart from teaching , a greater part of the functions of academia is to undertake research, which he  said , government and industrialists are treating with levity.
He however, called on the government to test the academics with research proposals and make the grant available to see whether they will deliver or not , saying , Nigeria academics have what it takes to move the nation forward technologically if  patronised.

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