American Varsity confers  Doctorate Degree in strategic Leadership on Olufemi Smith.

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American Varsity confers  Doctorate Degree in strategic Leadership on Olufemi Smith.
An American University, PAL University of Saint Petersburg, has conferred honourary Degree in Strategic Leadership on a distinguished scholar, Olufemi Smith.
In a press statement made available to Journalists in Lokoja on Friday by Dr. MD Eseyin, a representative of the University in Nigeria.
The statement lauded Mr Olufemi Smith for his  outstanding leadership qualities and unwavering commitment to societal advancement.
Dr. Eseyin, while decorating Mr. Smith, emphasised the profound impact of his leadership roles and his responsiveness to the needs of the community.
He hailed Mr. Smith for upholding great virtues and embodying the principles of strategic leadership.
Eseyin said the award is a  recognition of his remarkable achievements and dedication to the betterment of society, stressing that the award winner ,  Johnson Olufemi Smith has been declared a Doctor of Strategic Leadership by honourary causa.
He added that the  conferment of this honorary doctorate serves as a testament to Mr. Smith’s exceptional leadership  and his relentless pursuit of excellence in all endeavours.
“According to him, the Doctorate Degree conferred on him today  stands as a symbol of admiration and appreciation for his invaluable contributions to the advancement of society.
Mr. Smith expressed his gratitude for the esteemed honour done to Mr..Smith , stating that he is deeply humbled by the recognition and remains committed to fostering positive change and inspiring future generations of leaders.

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