Coalition of Civil Society Groups  condemn media attack on Businessman, Alhaji Ibrahim Dende.

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” To institute Legal action.
The coalition of Civil Society Groups in Nigeria, CSGs have condemned in its entirety the unwarranted media attacks on a  businessman and philantropist, Alhaji Ibrahim Dende  depicting him as a corrupt Clearing and forwarding agent.
In a  Press Conference held on Wednesday at Pinnatech Suites in Abuja, the spokesperson of the coalition, Alvin Ahmed; Executive Secretary of The Centre for ethical conduct orientation and empowerment,
said, the  coalition which is made of fifteen Civil Society Organisations decided to come together to  strongly refute the unfounded allegations against  Alhaji Ibrahim Dende which is capable of disparaging him in the eyes of right thinking members of the society.
He  disclosed that the  exemplary contributions of Alhaji Ibrahim Dende to community developments and philanthropic disposition through his IBD Foundation made him a  greatest asset to humanity, a feat that should not be allowed to be toyed by misquided politicians.
The spokesperson of the group, said the  longstanding disposition and  dedication to uplifting society and improving the lives of vulnerable in the society through various welfare programs, donations, and infrastructure projects, was an  envy to the the unscrupulous persons who want to tarnish his hard earned reputation.
Alvin Ahmed  lamented at the unprofessional Journalists, hiding under the cover of social media platforms to launch  malicious, slanderous and defamatory imputations against him,  ought to be condemned by all right thinking Nigerians.
He wondered how persons who purported to be an investigative Journalists would descend into the pit to exhume pictures of events that happened many years ago and depicting him to be negotiating in an unwholesome transactions.
He warned those pretending to be  Journalists to do hatchet man job to be cautious of their  actions which could pitch them against the law of the land.
He pointed out that Alhaji.  Ibrahim  Dende, a   certified Customs licensed Clearing and Forwarding Agent has been conducting his businesses within the ambit of the law.
The coalition noted that Alhaji Ibrahim Dende whose business interests cut across all sectors of the economy  and have built reputations over the years would not stoop too low as to be caught negotiating illegal transactions with men of the Nigeria Customs Service , whom he has been having  robust business relationships within ethical bounds.
The coalition , however, condemned the damage inflicted on  the journalism profession by those behind the baseless accusations, warning them to uphold the sanctity of truth, integrity, and accountability in the practice of Journalism profession.
Meanwhile, the  coalition called on the accusers  to retract and tender  public apologies to be published in reputation Newspapers or reputable online News media , as failure to comply, would attract legal actions against them.
The spokesperson however, enjoined the general public especially those who have benefited from his humanitarian gestures to rise up against the garbs in Journalism profession noted for doing the whims and caprices of their pay masters.

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