Kogi East APC  stakeholders’ Media Interaction: Setting the Record.

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Kogi East APC  stakeholders’ Media Interaction: Setting the Record.
Our attention has been drawn to the outright falsehood, misrepresentation and distortion of facts being put forward by some hired online merchants after the media interaction with some journalists held yesterday( Thursday) in Abuja by some critical stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, from Kogi -East senatorial district.
It’s most unfortunate that some persons rather than creating  platforms to ventilate their political anger will elate to use the opportunity provided by stakeholders to asses and appraise the progress of their political party to spew inciting, provocative and unfounded statement.
For the record, the media interaction held yesterday in Abuja by some stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, from Kogi-East was meant to take  critical review of its progress and shortcomings, especially after the last Governorship election in the state.
As with any political party, APC  not exception, elections period we all know, generates different opinions and  interests, with some felt  aggrieved, while others could be at the comfort zone. This therefore requires party stakeholders to quickly settle down and evolve strategies to bring back all on board so that the party can remain united and continue to operate as one big family.
The gathering of the Kogi-East APC stakeholders at the media interaction in Abuja was set out to achieve this objective and was indeed the focus.
The forum was used by those present to proffer various profound solutions for the overall interest of APC in Kogi-East Senatorial District.
 It was the considered opinion of the party stakeholders present that the depletion that hit the party in recent time is not a welcome development, and for the party to live  up to the aspirations of its founding fathers, proactive steps have to be taken to give new lease of life to the party.
The All Progressives Congress has been the ruling party in Kogi state for almost a decade now, with Kogi-East senatorial district playing significant roles in the victories of the party at the state and national levels.
 Any efforts deployed in this direction to make the party to maintain its wining spree   in Kogi-East and the state as a whole in future elections will continued to be sustained by the stakeholders.
The stakeholders noted that the issues raised  above  are the fulcrum of the issues discussed at the media interaction, any other issue or issues  added is a misrepresentation of what actually transpired at the event.

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