June 12; SDP calls for electoral reforms

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* Congratulate Nigerians for enduring hardships.


The Kogi state Social Democratic Party SDP has called on Nigerians to demand at all costs for the electoral reforms as a mark of honour for the revalidation of June 12 as a national day for democracy
This is as he commended the people of Kogi state for enduring the social and economic hardships hoisted on them by the present APC regime.

In a statement signed by the state , chairman Hon.Mouktar Atima and made available to Journalists in Lokoja on Saturday urged Nigerians not to relent in the struggle to make the country a true democratic economy.

The chairman said that his party , the SDP, in 1993 was the beneficiary of a reformed electoral process which was adjudged to be the freest and fairest elections in the political history of the country.

According to him” There is the need for us to imbibe that system if we are to remain as one indivisible entity. Adopting what happened in Kogi state during the last governorship election for example which campaign slogan was tatata will continue to hinder the people from political participation because of the do or die attitude of the state government at elections.
“It is on record that our party has been the most victimised since the political development of the country.
Our party is ready to take over kogi state in the next election if only they can allow the electoral reforms to sail through” he said.
The chairman while calling on political elites to demand for comprehensive reforms of the electoral system, called on the people of Kogi state and Nigerians to remain resolute in ensuring constitutional democracy for the country.
He said ,it is only the signing into of electoral bill before the presidency that can guarantee free , fair and credible election, and urged president Muhammadu Buhari to muster courage to sign the bill into law as a mark of the confidence the electorate have reposed in him at the poll.

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