2023 Governorship, Group insists it is the turn of kogi west.

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2023 Governorship, Group insists it is the turn of kogi west.

By Amuda FAB.

The call for Kogi West Senatorial District to produce the next Governor of the State re-echoed on Thursday in Lokoja with the call by Salisu Sagi Usman, Spokesman of Equity, Fairness and Justice Group, lending his support for the agitation by Kogi West Agenda.

In a statement issued to newsmen in Lokoja, the Equity, Fairness and Justice Group said it would mean well for the growth and development of the state if in 2023 Kogi Western Senatorial District is allowed to produce the next governor.

The group notes that it would engender unity, give a sense of belonging, saying the Senatorial District remains the only district yet to produce the Governor in the State.

The group leader who commended the efforts of Gov Yahaya Bello in Equity, Fairness and Justice, urged him to make it practical in the politics of 2023 and for Kogi West Senatorial District to produce the next governor.

According to the Group’s statement which read: ” The Constitution of Nigeria provides for three Senatorial districts in every state. In Kogi we have nine federal constituencies. Three federal constituencies per district. Note that Idah, Ankpa and Dekina federal constituencies had produced Governor. Also, Okene federal constituency is having it turn now.

” We are Lucky we have at present a Governor who is preaching peace, unity, equity, fairness, and Justice in Nigeria. This commendable mission and vision can be examplified in Kogi.

” Kogi state therefore should practice what we preach against 2023. The Clarion call by Kogi West Agenda recently is in line with the philosophy of the paradigm shift and it is our hope that our darling Governor will succeed where the old brigades failed in yielding to rotation principle.

“Again, the popular call for restructuring is apt and our own concept of it in Kogi state is an enduring, genuine, mutual and inclusive power rotation amongst three senatorial district where the majority and minority shall have a sense of belonging.
“To us, it is the best practice and a solid foundation for stability, unity, understanding, growth, development, and a good political legacy.

” It is on this premise that Kogi West Agenda stand on Governor in 2023 irrespective of party affiliation makes meaning to us in Equity, Fairness and Justice.

” Governorship can come from any of the federal constituency :Kabba/ Ijumu, Yagba, or Lokoja/ Kogi (koto) federal constituencies.

” We stand in the unity of the state and in that light we’re joining Kogi West Agenda to call on our political Leaders, Youth Women, interest groups, irrespective of party affiliation, religion, ethnic, place of origin to support this unique movement geared towards realising the lofty dreams of Kogi founding fathers. Once again KOGI UNIFICATION is our pride”, the statement by the group conclude.

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