Niger Communal clash; VP. Doko Progressive Forum Calls for Truce.

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Yahaya Zakka Minna

The Vice President of Doko Progressive Forum in Lavun local government area of Niger state,Mr Samuel Saidu Isa Doko has obsessed with dismay the land dispute between Doko and Boku communities that led to the death of two persons .
“this would’ve been averted if the two community had embrace peace dialogue initiated by members of the Doko progressive forum”.


Mr Samuel Saidu Isa Doko said that the forum did everything within their reach to ensure that the land dispute between Doko and Boku villages is resolved amicably.


The Vice President appealled to all parties involved in the Crises to embrace peace,, observing that conflict or violence has never bring anything good to the society rather than destruction,hence the need for them to embrace peace and dialogue for a way forward.

Mr Samuel stressed that since the two communities have started dialogue before the crises, there is need for them to continue with the dialogue and ensure that they find a lasting solution to the problems bedeviling the two communities


He appealled to the State government to delve into the matter by way of engaging Youth in the area whom most of them are graduate in dry season and mechanized farming,this according to him will foster unity among them and also make them to forget their differences and the past.


He enjoined Elders and Religious leaders of Doko and Boku communities to put their deference behind and continue to talk to their youths on need for peace to reign in the two communities,.”the cost of violence is by far more than the cost of dialogue, we must not use the blood of our brothers and sisters to water our development and forward moving”adding that it is time to end Crises and violence in the area.


He maintained that Estu Nupe, relevant authorities and the judiciary are involved in peace and dialogue of the two communities, hence the need for the two communities to sheath their swords and wait for the out come.


He mentioned that life of an individual is greater than any other thing,we must not go the violent way so as not to continue to waste more lives, with dialogue we can always have solution to our problems he maintained.

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