Much Ado About The NG Eagle.

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Much Ado About The NG Eagle.

At this critical period of COVID in it’s third wave that had warranted health emergency around the globe leading to 20% job losses, stakeholders in the aviation industry are resisting the laudable idea of job creation muted by Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria AMCON, through the floating of “NG Eagle” an airline,to mitigate the post COVID,so as to address the growing and unabated employment rates at it’s roof top level.

This is also a period when large conglomerates and Multinationals are closing shops as a result of protracted economic recession that hovered round the globe,and unabated COVID scourge that had affected negatively many economies of great countries with Nigeria not an exception, leaping to find it’s feat, AMCON is being resisted from divestment geared towards repositioning the aviation sector not only in Nigeria,but the entire globe.

The resistance of the aviation unions in Nigeria was borne out of their desire to maintain statusquo, particularly the age long monopoly of the aviation sector span for decades,but not to either provide employment opportunities for unemployed Nigerians, and or to better the economy of the country.

But,the position of the aviation unions is overtaking by time,as the desire to create employment outlets, partnerships and revolution in all sectors had overrode their sit tight decision and position.

Therefore,setting the National Assembly on collision course with AMCON over the laudable idea of establishment of “NG Eagle” is tantamount to a disservice to the state by the unions, especially at this critical point of our national life.

Most successful airliners are either the product of wholly private ownership,public private partnerships,public ownership that had thrived in the industry with Nigeria not in exception.

The singular idea that AMCON was not keen on allowing high profile airlines like Arik,Aero and others go down, inspite of it’s large portfolios of debts to the Banks and subsequent taking over of the management of the airlines,was enough evidence that it is interested in the sustenance of the aviation industry in Nigeria.

The many years runnings of the two giant airlines led to the idea of the establishment of an additional airline,NG Eagle to close rank as well as compete favourably in the aviation sector.

To resist the issuance of Air Operator Certificate(AOC) from Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA),to the new NG Eagle by the aviation unions, is to outrightly deny the ease of doing business in Nigeria, against the rules of indigenous investment or foreign direct investment FDI.

AMCON in the last few years had revitalised many buisnesses ranging from aviation, insurance, hospitality,oil and non oil sector among others from going down, through joint and outright management to avoid going moribund.

With 33% unemployment rates hovering around the country,with no improvement and early ressolution in sight according to NBS reports,the moves by the aviation unions is blatantly counterproductive, unpatriotic and a disservice to the nation.

It is unthinkable to misrepresent anti- people or minority position before the National Assembly,so as to set each other against the people oriented decisions of AMCON management, to open up the inaccessible job opportunities and aviation sector in Nigeria.

In line with the amendment of its act, AMCON is duty bound not only to take over assets of debtors,but divestment to a productive position of the assets taking over according to the law passed by the National Assembly.

It is therefore an exercise in futility to misinform the National Assembly, that passed an enabling law for the operation of AMCON and it’s activities, to counter the idea of opening up the aviation industry.

The National Assembly as the legislative arm of government is expected to look thoroughly and critically into the impending issue,as national interest overrides personal,sectional, group interests.

The position of AMCON is to revatalise all sectors of the economy that was affected or weighed down by irrational management decisions, leading to insolvency and to create something out of nothing, which will inturn has positive multiplier effects on the economy of Nigeria, leading to favourable competition in the global world.

With the management determination,it had countered all pressures both man made and natural to ensure result oriented perfomance in all sectors.

Abubakar Yusuf,A Public Affairs Analyst, Writes From Abuja.

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