Why Isa  Kwarra Is Prioritising Infrastructural Developement In National Population Commission Towards Optimum Performance

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Why Isa  Kwarra Is Prioritising Infrastructural Developement In National Population Commission Towards Optimum Performance.


The National Population Commission NPC in comatose over the years has been witnessing many positive turn around in the last one year, under the new leadership of Alhaji Nasir Isa Kwarra in his quest to bring new innovations and reforms into the age long head count organization.

The renowned economist and astute adminstrator as part of the presidential mandate of conducting national census in 2022,was saddled with the problems of not only obsolete equipments,but structures across the country that will tend to militate against the planned success of the forthcoming nationwide exercise.

For an organization like the NPC with offices across the 774 local government areas across the country,with 36 states as well as the as the Federal Capital Territory including zonal offices,the need for a befitting accommodation after so many years become sacrosanct.

This was occassioned by the need to carry out a wholistic rehabilitation of offices from the headquarters to zonal offices,states and local government areas affected by both natural and artificial phenomenon.

Many of the offices across the country was already due for renovation due to structural failure, fire outbreak,while others were affected by the activities of political bringandage.

It therefore behoved on the leadership of Isa Kwarra to update the structure of the commission across the country, as it will be counterproductive to update only human aspect and abandon the structure that will harbour their activities.

The policy of carrying out mass renovation of it’s offices from the headquarters to the zonal,states and local government areas was a right step in the right direction by the current leadeship.

The ongoing total renovation of the Headquarter building in the heart of the nation’s capital and plan to extend same to all it’s offices across the country is geared towards protecting both lives and properties of the commission, as well as create a conducive environment for a seamless national assignment.

The current structural decadence of the commission was capable of putting the multi billion naira digital equipment procured in tandem with the current age for the forthcoming census exercise at risk,but for the proactive measures being put in place by the new management of NPC under Nasir Isa Kwarra.

The proposed renovation and rehabilitation of offices across the country including the headquarters will be inline with the current post COVID era that required social distancing,clean environment,decongestion of offices as well as other non pharmaceutical requirements with the anxiety of other unforseen circumstances.

Despite in a digital age and with new digital experience for staffers,the safety of some flimsy records and equipments of the commission will be safeguarded from vandals,criminals and saboteurs, who may take advantage of poor structures to tamper with official and secret records of the commission, as it prepares for the next year’s population census.

Kwarra’s policy of structural rejuvenation and rehabilitation will be a veritable tool geared towards achieving great success in the 2022 national population census.

More than a decade after the last population census in Nigeria,the need for more acceptable and rancourless outcome deserve creating an enabling environment that the new commission is putting in place.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf.

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