Upsurge of unfriendly Fall Army Insects unsettle passengers at Lokoja Megapark Terminal. LMT

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* They are man’s companion–Spokesman.

Comfort Eleojo Okpanachi has not travelled out of Lokoja, since , she left secondary school. She has longed for one day that she would have the opportunity. The expected opportunity came when she was offered admission to the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, in Nasarawa , a neighbouring state.

On the eve of her departure, she had pictured , her enjoyment right from the park, to the expressway, where she would be exchanging staccato of banters with blazing horns to vulgar languages of the Drivers and conductors alike , to the green vegetation , and undulating topography of hills and valleys that dotted North Central States of the country.
However, on the fateful day of  the Journey, the little comfort had learnt through her Geography Course, hilarious scenic area views of the Journey from Lokoja , to Nasarawa.
Contrary to her expectation, the vehicle she boarded at the Nataco Junction with the hope to get to Nasarawa in good time, finish up her screening and then return on the same day was shattered, as the vehicle was commandeered by stern looking men, capable of devouring any beast that comes against them- to the newly put into operation, Lokoja Megapark Terminal, popularly called LMT.
However, her confusion, was short lived as Sharon bus and retinue of canvassers were handy to usher her a receipt for the Journey at the LMT.
Comfort who was confused initially with the folding scenario, was comforted with the magnificent , state of the art , beauty to behold park, which could be mistaken for an airport lounge.
She needed to satisfy her curiosity- hence- she took a walk to the terminal block. She was surprised to see an arrival and departure hall equipped with modern restaurant, rest room, control room, and outside the hall, detailed Security officials were handy to handle probable security breach.
However, her elation was short-lived, when she went to the parkway preparatory to take off of the Journey,. She was dumbfounded by the armies of insects in various species who played host to her. The insects who were undaunted by the mien of their prey, turned her into a playmate.
The insects who came as butterfly, bugs, crickets and what have you, would swing to her hair, climb on her legs while others to all parts of her body
She ran to her fellow passengers and motorists for help against the strangers who were making her expected smooth Journey hellish, but the story of anquish by this little creature against the users of the park was the same.
The story of ominous woes of insects is the same with open food vendors, hawkers, canvassers, drivers who operates from the park.
According to a food vendors at the park , simply identified as mama put, said, she has to apply snippers to kill them on daily basis, which she alleged, may be injurious to humans.

Help finally came on her and other passengers when the driver announced the final departure of the vehicle, but not without the insects accompanying them into the vehicle, but , were quickly blown out by the moving winds as the vehicle sped off.
Speaking to Treasuretimes on the development, the spokesman of the park Comrade Ahammed Shaba feigned ignorant of the insects causing harms, but, however, said , there is nothing any one can do about the insects, since , they have been the companion of men from creation.

He noted that the said insects,as it were, are not snakes , reptiles nor scorpions or cockroaches.
According to him, insects are natural things and there is absolutely nothing any one can do to stop their presence at this particular season at the

He added that this specie of insects comes with the harmattan weather, even as the park is surrounded by mountains and valleys , stressing that crickets serves as delicacies for some people. He added that the other day, some persons came and picked over 500 crickets ,and fried them for their meals.
” I urge drivers to keep their vehicles clean, as it is not our responsibility to clean and maintain their vehicles and surrounding.
On the safety of loading from the park, Shaba has this to say,” since we put this multi Million naira edifice, the first of its kind in the country, the story of induced robbery and kidnappings on the highways have not occurred.
” Initially, some car park operators were reticent to compliance, but, we were undaunted as we commissioned taskforce, who are doing beautiful jobs. As you know, you cant fight the Government,. Erring motorists are being sanctioned by the mobile court.
” My message to traveling public is to insist in boarding from the park, and observing this together, we can make the intention of government to work.” He advised.

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