Kogi Governoship election; Very soon court of public opinions will pass judgement. Alh. Abubakar Ibrahim Idris.

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Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Idris is a household name in Kogi state. He is the first son of the former Governor of kogi state Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, aka Ibro. Abubakar Idris a successful businessman, hail from Omala LGA of the state. He contested the 2019 kogi state governoship primary on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party PDP and lost narrowly under a questionable scene. He is community mobiliser, philanthropic and a social crusader who wants nothing short of the best for his people.

He was recently given an award of recognition for his sefless service to humanity especially in the upliftment of the youth by the Igala Students Association.ISA
In this heart warming in interview, he bares his mind on his ambition to take over lugard House Lokoja and other burning issues.


Recently you were given an award by the Igala Students Association, what does this award portend to you.


Thank you very much . I want to especially thank the leadership of Igala Students Association ISA , for finding me worthy for this award which is in recognition of my service and contribution to the development of Igala land.
Based on my modest effort for human capital development and support for less privileged, i accept this award with the totality of my heart, because, i have seen that whatever you do in this world, people are watching every inch of your step and that is why I continue to advise our youths to toe the path of hardwork and sincerity to impact in any little measure in the upliftment of the people.
I equally want to use this occasion to talk to the youths and students of Igala land that they are the future leaders of the country. If youths are actually the future leaders of our country, we should genuinely show them true leadership by shunning all forms of vices that are inimical to the realisation of their God given potentials.
I as a youth, i would want us to channel our energies into fruitful ventures. I encourage our Students to face their studies seriously, so , as to come out with brilliant results. And for those in various vocational trades, they should be diligent to enable them to succeed in their endeavours and then give back to the society.

And for Agriculture, which is the mainstay of the nation, , i challenge our youth to take to it, as the white collar jobs is no longer handy. I would want again to dedicate this award to the good people of Igala land and equally for the emancipation of Igala people and the liberation of kogi state in general and I also appreciate the Igala Students Association which i hold in high esteem.

You contested the last kogi state governoship election primary on the platform of PDP which was presumed that you were robbed. Now that another opportunity is in the corner, what should the people expect from you.

Thank you for this brilliant and wonderful question. We are all out for service to our people. We are impacting on the society in our own measure. The call of our people will be answered at appropriate time. For now, in no little measure is our attempts to contributing to the upliftment of the society and this is the essence of which the award was given. When we are out to serve, we will let the world knows, but, for now, we are consulting, and talking to ourselves.

The PDP has been out of power in the state for six years now, do you think the party still hold the ace to winning the 2023 governorship election.
It is transparently clear that both the deaf and blind can hear and see the type of leadership we have in our country. There is no human being living on the shore of this country that will not clamour for a better life. Come to think of our community with a dyfucntion Civil Service, the state will not function optimally, and i have seen that what we have been witnessing in the state is pathetic.
We are here and whatever that is happening is already in the court of public opinion. And you know the court of public opinion does not take time to give verdict, and at appropriate time the people will speak. The reality on ground in the state does not call for elaborate discussion, because, the people have already made up their minds against the oppressors.

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