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Our nation needs strong institutions that will give birth to Credible and God Fearing leaders that can manage our God’s given natural resources.
 Almost every State in Nigeria is blessed with natural resources. The recent steps being taken by our legislators are novel, which could help to strengthen our unity at all levels.
We lack developmental ideas as a people and our leaders at all levels need to wake up to the realities that envelop the people.
Today,we are busy asking our leaders several questions that they can’t answer, because our institutions have given them too much powers. our political leaders and elders are busy doing what they know how to do best and tomorrow our next generation will also ask us the same question if we fail to play our part in the struggle for a prosperous Nigeria of our dream.
The development of our nation should be the interest of all, however, we have slept enough, because of our  individual interest, be it political or what so ever, we need to wake up and do the needful before it is too late.
Citizenship office, a critical component of nation building is missing in our body polity , regrettably , it is  the strongest critical component of Democracy, when activated, it will make us to participate actively in  keeping our leaders in check .
The new Nigeria of our dream  is possible if we change our reasoning, shun politics of the highest bidder (monetary) in all the positions and choose the right candidates. Together we will be powerful. It is very glaring that we need Patriotic Economic Managers that will transform our Nation .
The high level of insecurity in our country is a sign of leadership failure. We need to stand as a people with one destiny to say no to bad leadership. We need to face nation building, taking into cognizance the sacrifice needed to building a prosperous egalitarian society that we will be proud of.
Nigeria Should take its position in the world perking order. We need responsible and Godfearing, knowledge based servant leaders, and collectively, we can make it work.
Comrade AbdulGaniyu writes from Kogi Central.

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