2023 Presidency; Gov. Bello urges electorate to vote for antecedents, as he publicly declares for the race.

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* warns against pitfalls of the past.*
Kogi state Governor, Yahaya Bello has asked Nigerians to make informed choice on who becomes the next President to prevent past mistakes that have held down the country.
Gov. Yahaya Bello gave the charge when  he officially declared  his aspiration for the presidency in the forthcoming general election.
The Governor noted that  Nigeria deserves to be a one united nation without diversity where no one will be considered a minority if he’s elected as President.
The All Progressive Congress Presidential Aspirant promised to create 20 million millionaires by the year 2030 using the South East model of Apprenticeship.
The Governor said his Youthfulness, physical and mental alertness are factors that would  lead the country to prosperity.
He listed Courage to lead the country as another best selling point he has over others, said his decision to stand alone when it mattered most has vindicated him aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic, promised to take courageous decisions that would move the country forward.
While noting that achieving security, unity and peace in a  difficult terrain like Kogi State which has remained a positive reference, promised to replicate same in Nigeria when elected.
He added that his excellent record in managing diversity ad governor, would enable him run a country with inclusiveness making the country, irrespective of tribe, religion, age in ensuring fair and equitable distribution of appointments and resources.
If elected as President, Gov. Bello promise to fight the age-long Farmers and  herders’ clashes, ethnicity, vow  to dismantle these  challenges that have retarded the country from witnessing growth and development.
While he listed the achievement of 35% affirmative action for women to be included in governance in the state as Governor, said he will apply more empathy in governance in recruitment and distribution of resources.
The Governor assured of empowerment for Nigerians if elected by ensuring that no one is made to think they are inferior, insisting that leadership can lead one to stand alone, said in the course of building a virile nation he would do all that is needed to improve the living condition of Nigerians.
He promised to do what is right without fear of favour, said he will demonstrate strong courage in neutralising crimes like banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, assured of tough times for non state actors whom he noted are allowed to take up arms against the state in Nigeria if elected.

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