Alhaji Ibrahim Idris @73, Tribute To A Legendary Juggernaut.

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Alhaji Ibrahim Idris @73, Tribute To A Legendary Juggernaut.


Alhaji Ibrahim Idris CON was the former Kogi Governor who ruled uniquely for nine consecutive years , between 2003-2012, a record not broken in the anals and records of Nigeria’s political history at sub national level, on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party PDP.

Aside pioneering the nine years rule in Nigeria’s democracy, he also laid and initiated a solid foundation for a thriving democratic culture, with his removal of an incumbent administration that had the parapharnelia of office at his peck and call in 2003, and became the third elected governor of Kogi state, under an opposition party then in Kogi state, but ruling party in that dispensation at the national level.

He also created a record of a Governor who won election for three consecutive times having been elected in 2003, 2007, 2008 before leaving office in 2012.

Records has also shown that Alhaji Ibrahim Idris was not only a former Kogi Governor, but a kingmaker who won election for the PDP four times in a row and installed a successor in 2012, with an unbeatable records that contended with the most popular and workaholic candidate at that time, but came out victorious because of his acceptability by the generalty of the people of Kogi state.

These unbreakable records in the public domain is not meant to advance any form of acrimony, create any sort of political skirmishes or differences , but meant to enrich our political history and development now and in the nearest future.

Less we forget, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris since the return of democracy in 1999 and his foray into the political waters of Nigeria in 2003 , had remained on the platform that brought him to power, the People’s Democratic Party PDP for over two decades, without defection, a situation that was rare with his previous colleagues, friends and political associates who were either former governors, ministers, ambassadors and top political appointees during his term.

It is also on record that as a progressive minded kingmaker who had created opportunities both politically, economically, wealth creation and career development, a decade after leaving the office as Kogi Governor, he had been a rallying point to many political gladiators at all levels from the local , state and federal level.

It was in Alhaji Ibrahim Idris as former Kogi Governor, that contentment and sane political culture, ideology and satisfaction was demonstrated, as he kept his words, that PDP brought him to limelight and still remained at home with the party.

Ten years down the line after his stint as Kogi Governor, his legacies still speaks volumes interms of followership, leadership, community and social services not limited to Kogi state, but Nigeria at large.

Coincidentally, during his 72nd birthday in 2021, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris was turbaned as Jakadan Sokoto by the Sultan of Sokoto for his contributions to the economic , social and infrastructural developement of the caliphate.

The honor done the new Jakadan Sokoto was based on his wealth of experience in the area of commerce, business, governance and hospitality that had impacted hugely on the people of Sokoto state.

As the first Jakadan Sokoto to be appointed by the Sokoto caliphate outside the sultanate, the new ambassador to the caliphate was held in high esteem and honor.

In 2022, this year, the former Kogi state governor was honored by the Catholic missionary in Nigeria, Idah Diocese, by the Igala All Saints of Nigeria, a wholly Igala descent movement in the Catholic community over his untiring contributions and supports to the development of the Catholic church, through donations of land, construction of churches across the state and progress of christendom by the Bishop of Idah diocese, His lordship, Bishop Adamu Adaji, not minding his religious inclination as a devout Moslem.

This strides was obvious during the commissioning of a gigantic mosque donated to the Anyigba community by the former Kogi Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris in 2021, as the Bishop of Idah diocese, His lordship, Bishop Adamu Adaji was represented with a high powered delegation.

The guest of honor at the occassion, Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Mohammed Sa’ad Abubakar 11 commended the religious tolerance of both the former Govenor and the catholic community, saying their presence in his first experience and unique, as well harmonious coexistence among the two main religions.

Recently in Lokoja, the Ibo community deemed it fit to honor the former Govenor of Kogi state having laid a solid foundation during his nine year reign for the foundation and thriving of various buisnesses initiated by the ibos, that had become their surviving outlets after ten years.

The Ibo community stated that having accessed various successive administration in the last ten years after his exit from power, he was single out for a meritorious award for creating an enabling environment in the state between 2003-2008, an impact that had stabilised their various vocation and buisnesses.

These ,among may awards by youths groups,northern groups and associations, the political class and communities, including the people with disability in Kogi state .

The recent turbaning as Waziri of Oranre land by the Yoruba community of Yagba West Local Government was hinged on his leadership dexterity while as Kogi Governor for nine years, a decade after.

According to the leader and elder of Oranre town, Alhaji Hasan Salau, the people of the area decided to reciprocate the good gestures of the former Kogi Governor through good governance, job creation, employment of sons and daughters, infrastructural developement and wealth creation during his tenure with the community benefitting hugely from his adminstrative wizardry.

As a political leader from the north central Nigeria and staunch member of PDP, as well as member of the Board of Trustees BOT, the former Kogi Governor had been at the forefront of the quest to reposition the main opposition party in it’s quest to return to power to salvage Nigerians.

This had paid off with the recent victory of PDP in the last local government elections in the FCT and it’s quest to wrest power at the national level in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

His recent appointment as member of the 37 member committee on zoning of political offices speaks volumes of his determination to reposition the main opposition party, with a view to returning to leadership position in Nigeria.

As a formidable member of the former PDP governors forum in Nigeria, Idris invitation by the River State government led by Governor Nyesom Wike to commission developmental projects in the state ,was a recognition of his political will and commitment to the welfare of the citizenry.

At 73, Jakadan Sokoto remained untiring in his quest for creating jobs and better placement both in the private and public service, along with his humanitarian, community and charitable contributions, donations and tendencies.

As you mark additional year in the holy month of Ramadan today April 4th 2022, at 73, we prayed that Almighty God will give you more good health and wisdom to continue to pilot the affairs of men and women, not only limited to political emancipation, but economic and social stability.

Congratulations Your Excellency, Jakadan Sokoto, Waziri of Oranre Land, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris CON @73, Happy Birthday and Wishing You Many More Years.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf.

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