2023 Elections; Youth Group warns against blind followership  , insists on interest based support.

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* Nomination fees ploy to deny youths of participation

As the General Election draws  nearer, youths across the country have  been warned against unsolicited support to  politicians without factoring in personal and  collective interest of Youths in the governance of   the country.
This is as it has berated the major political parties for their exorbitant nomination fees, as it is aimed at denying the youths opportunity to participate in the election process to choose or vie for the position of their choice.
The  Convener of National Youth Inclusive in Governance Association, Yusuf Sheriff Banki  gave the warning  over the weekend  at the zonal caucus  meeting for the North Central zone of the association held in Lokoja, kogi state capital.
Shetima, noted that, the advise became necessary to avoid the pitfalls of the past in which politicians would use and dump the youths immediately the election is won.
He averred that , from the 2023 Election and going forward ,his association would only support aspirants and candidates based on written agreement that will benefits the youths in their future relationship in the larger society
He added that his Association with membership across the country is opened to constructive negotiation with aspirants who will prioritize their welfare during and after the election, before jumping at the carrots.
He added that gone were the days when youths would be mobilised by pressing the Button of their phones to help them with unwholesome actions, stressing that his group would weigh options before lending their support to aspirant or candidate.
The convener explained that members of the association who are mainly from the APC has no anointed aspirants but is  ready to work based on mutually agreed  terms  at the negotiating table.
He urged the youths to close ranks to make sacrifices that will engender good governance in the country , in which they will play pivotal roles in the paradym shift.
” I want you as the youth of this country who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow , who are supposed to be  mentored by the elders.  Unfortunately, there was a disconnect, which account for the abandonment of the youth in the thick cloud of politics.
” We have been fooled severally by the politicians’ rhetoric when they needed our active support, however, immediately the election is won, we will be forgotten.
” So,  my appeal to you is to shine your eyes in giving support to political office seekers.  as a body, our  support for  any candidate will be placed on the table, and terms and conditions must be approved and signed.
” With our massive numbers, no politician should take  us for a ride,  even though we have not endorsed any candidate,  we  are opened for dialogue.” He solicited.
While picking holes with the exorbitant nomination fees charged by the major political parties which is on the high side for NIgerians with legitimate incomes, insisted that it was a tacit approved to emasculate the youth from participating in the election.
He blamed the older politicians who have failed to provide leadership for the your generation by recycling themselves in governance, charging them to rise up to the occasion to fight for their rights.
The youth leader , however, lamented at the attitude  of politicians from the North who have penchant to playing  politics of me, myself and i , unlike , their counterparts from the southern part of the country who will ensure that the youths are brought on board to contribute their quota to the development of the country.
Highlights of the event was the election of state coordinators of six states that make up the North Central zone, with the directive for them to conduct election to fill the remaining posts in their states.


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