Will APC Concede to Sen. Smart Adeyemi’s Desperation?

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By Yagba True Sons and Daughters.
The Kogi West Yagba True Sons and Daughters, a Socio Political Group, have asked the All Progressives Congress not to concede to the desperation of Sen. Smart Adeyemi who is spurring lies all because he wants to return to the Senate.
The Group in a Statement issued to Newsmen in Lokoja wondered at the Senator’s desperation, lamented that he has been all over the place continuing with his blackmail all in an attempt to return to the Senate.
The group in a statement signed by Rotimi Obaguwe Olaniolaje noted that the antics of saying that returning to the Senate will make him become the Senate President and help Okun people achieve Governorship in 2023 are stories for the Marines.
The group in the statement said having lost popularity, the Senator cannot win a local election, not after squandering the opportunity Gov. Bello gave him on a platter of Gold, warned that any attempt for the APC to give him the ticket the party would loose woefully saying people are tired of his antics of use and dump.
The Group said they reject and call on the Party to equally reject in its entirety his blackmail to return to the Senate for the fourth time, pointing out that the wide and general clamour is for the people of Yagba Federal Constituency produce the next Senator after which the people of Lokoja would have a taste of the Senate.
The Group described as unfair the wickedness and continued hold on to the Senate for Sixteen years by a section over a rotational arrangements, wondered when the people of Yagba and Lokoja would have its turn owing to personal greed.
The group said the people are tired of lies, said no amount of blackmail, appeal and use of money as is presently ongoing would change the mind of the people, urged the Senator to go to hell with his story of becoming Senate President.
The group disclosed that at the appropriate time the people of Kogi West would through dialogue, align with other Senatorial District, and negotiate power to produce the next Governor of the Senate.
The group said the lies that the Gov. Yahaya Bello does not want him to return to the Senate because he wants to help the Okun people become Governor in 2023 are all lies, pointing out that the Senator cannot win any election again wondered why the Governor would be afraid a man he helped to win in 2019.
The group cautioned against fighting groups and individuals in Kogi West all in the name of wanting to return to the Senate, said the people are tired and aware of his old antics whiiis no longer saleable.
The group declared their stand for the people of Yagba Federal Constituency to produce the next Senator in 2023, said enough is enough as the people cannot be fooled any longer for another time.

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