2023 Kogi West Senate:  Dr. Aina  heads for Disqualification, over perjury.

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Against the backdrop of the mounting petitions before the APC screening committee on Dr. Muyi Aina, Senatorial Aspirant from Kogi west, baring all tight knots, he  may  be heading for disqualification by the party.
Feelers from credible and actionable source at the Committee disclosed that Dr. Muyi Aina,  a seasoned Management Consultant with Solina Group and has been involved in several NGOs on Public Health, allegedly did not have valid voters card registered in the zone.
Our source hinted that signs from the petition against the Senatorial aspirant indicate that if at all the PVC and APC membership card he presented to the screening committee are his, then , they are not far from being forged.
The petitioner according to the source was reportedly written by a stakeholder of the Party in Yagba West  Local Government of  Kogi State where Dr Muyiwa Aina hails from.
The petitioner alleged that Dr. Muyiwa Aina was not a registered member of the APC, as his name does not appear on both the Manual Register in his Ward, Local Government and even in the Party’s Database.
The source said that Dr Aina, except the party want to fail at the general elections to litigation, could go ahead to confirm him, as all relevant documents submitted revealed that he may have joined the party less than one year ago.
“The APC Constitution places eligibility for nomination on membership of the party , who should have spent at least one year in the party before seeking nomination.
” Dr. Aina plys practice his profession abroad only to return  to the country after the compilation of the Data Base and membership registration exercise of the party. And by the virtue of the Constitution of the Party and it’s extant law (2023), nomination Guidelines, Dr. Aina has violated the mandatory provisions of the Party Laws and Guidelines , making him inch a way from disqualification ” The source stated.
Also contained in the Petition according to the source is the allegation that Dr. Muyiwa Aina has  not voted in his ward or anywhere through out  Kogi West Senatorial District, because,  he was not qualified to do so as a voter.
Dr. Muyiwa Aina was also accused  him of lying on oath, thereby committing  Perjury, for was  not  legally qualified to be  a  Member of the party by its extant law.
The source disclosed that from all the allegations against him, he may not be too far from being screen out.
The source was emphatic that If the allegations are proven to be true, the party may not want to risk disqualification or nullification of its election if it eventually wins in future.

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