Count down to Primaries , Ankpa /Olamaboro/Omala Fed . Constituency;  You are good  to “Take a bow  — Olamaboro PDP Delegates tells Rt. Hon. Aliyu Akuh.

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A frontline aspirant , House of representatives for  Ankpa/Olamaboro/ Omala Federal Constituency on the platform of Peoples Democratic party PDP, Rt .Hon. Aliyu Akuh has received unflinching support of Olamaboro Delegates who literally asked him to take a bow”  as his commitment to the growth of the party is novel.
Hon .Akuh as part of consultation with Delegates across the three Local Government Areas , met with Olamaboro Delegates  who converged at Okpo , headquarters of the LGA and Ogugu town, on Monday .
The party leadership who were full of adulation for the Aspirant, noted that his antecedents of credibility, capacity , humility and unalloyed service to the party , has stood him out of those jostling for the slot.
The Delegates both statutory and adhoc said , having carefully examine his antecedents in the party , he has paid his dues and  should be supported to cling the party ticket.
According to them, what they have heard and seen of his pedigree as a former Personal Assistant to Governor Ibrahim Idris for Eight years without blemish and his absolute defence of the PDP , as a former Deputy speaker, House of Assembly , he needs no introduction than to queue behind him.
The party leaders stated that they have resolved to support only the aspirant that has the love and care for the party, vowing  to be miles away from shylocks who would  trade off the party after winning the election.
While acknowledging his capacity, competence, and compassion which he had exhibited over time, urge him to be courageous and hold on to their leader.
In their seperate speeches,
Hon. Tijani Alfa, aka Madije, who hosted the meeting at Okpo, assured him of their support, saying, Akuh’s long standing with the party at her trying time has made him a man  to entrust  the party in his custody.
Also, the leader of Okpo district, Flt. Engineer Sunny Abutu, said, Hon. Aliyu Akuh, is an epitome of humility , which he had  demonstrated both in public service and in political arena , which ordinarily wouldn’t have  need to go through campaign,  but for political exigencies and other considerations, he would have been asked to take a bow and go to prepare for general elections.
He said, in as much as God is the one that gives power to whom he wants , he does so through human factor and call on his colleagues  to vote enmass for him and not to give  in to mundane considerations.
In the same vein, his counterpart from Ogugu district, John Ohieme , who was philosophical, said it is who knows the destination that would be sent on errand , adding that Akuh has paid his dues  and should be sent by the party.
On his part, John Ameloko, who spoke for his colleagues from Imane District averred that Politicians’ stock in trade is lies, but Akuh has proved  cynics wrong with his candour and truthfulness in his speech.
He urge him to maintain spirit of sportsmanship through out the electioneering period to deepen the fortune of the party at the general elections.
Meanwhile, at Ogugu,  the former Chairman of the Local Government Council, Hon. Farouk Adejoh extolled the virtue of their visitor , whom he acknowledged to be an exceptional personality, adding that he had worked with him and remained in best stead to drum support for him.
He ask the delegates to put all the aspirants on weigh scale and they would agree with him to be their choice.
In a remark, Hon. Aliyu Akuh thanked the party officials and delegates for the warm reception, and assured them of his tenacious commitment to the party if elected.
The former Deputy speaker, hinted that, Olamaboro LGA, which consists of three Districts of Okpo, Ogugu , Imane with ten words with formidable statutory and
ad-hoc delegates cannot be toyed with, hence , his formal confidence boosting consultation to seek  their  votes .
He  further disclosed that , his  friends and associates across the LGA,  had made  him a son of the land ,  promising to deploy his experience, which , he has garnered over time for the service and progress of the Party.

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