Kogi West Senate APC primary: We are confident of winning—Hon. Sunday Karimi Campaign Organisation.

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The Campaign Organisation of Hon. Sunday Karimi wishes to state that it is fully prepared for the forthcoming All Progressives Congress, APC, primary election that would be used to choose the  party’s flag bearer for 2023 senatorial contest in Kogi West.
We ordinarily would have kept silent over the insinuation by one sponsored Olusegun Matthew that the camp of the former Reps member has been engaging archaic tactics to disparage other aspirants who are better than him. If the truth be told who amongst the current contenders in political pedigree and antecedents is a match for Hon. Karimi.
Unfortunately we are surprised and wondered if the duo of Dr. Muyi Aina and Sen. Smart have collapsed their structure into one and are making Hon. Karimi an enemy in a contest of brothers. For us the campaign and conspiracy will and has failed as the people can decipher between the good and the bad.
The unfounded allegation spurned out by the author of the write up for us is laughable and pedestrian in nature knowing fully well that Hon. Karimi remains the candidate to beat in the forthcoming APC Senatorial District primaries.
For many who know Hon. Karimi, he is an epitome of peace and one who abhors politics of do or die. His life in action and inaction for many who have crossed his paths either in politics or other areas of life would attest to the fact that, the two time former lawmaker when compared to others in politics and even his accusers is a man of peace.
While we do not intend to join issues in name calling, at no time did Hon. Karimi desparage the names mentioned by the author of the write up as alledged in some section of the sponsored social media report. For us, the fear of Hon. Karimi is the beginning of wisdom ahead the 2023 Kogi West Senatorial District Election.
The public and overwhelming evidence of Hon. Karimi’s political popularity, which stems from his acceptability, love, occasioned by track records of private and political service and achievements, is a feat that remains incontestable.
Without mincing words and with available and visible records, Hon. Sunday Karimi’s political achievements are all there to be seen by all and is not contestable.
For us and the unflinching believe of Hon. Karimi over time, we have always believed that power belongs to God and beg those who are afraid of their imminent failure not to call a dog a bad name all because they want to discredit him. Unfortunately, they more they try in their futile efforts, Hon. Karimi’s popularity and support base from Koton karfe in Kogi LGA to Egbe, in Yagba West, keeps swelling, tearing through all the places with love and excitement of the people like a hot knife passing through butter.
We wish to State that in terms of politics and experience, put side by side those complaining about the popularity of Hon. Karimi, in terms of political experience, can they be compared to that Hon. Karimi. For us, the results of the Primaries and the general election would tell who is popular and acceptable. What is our focus presently is effective representation and attracting the desired dividends of democracy for the people of Kogi West.
So far, the African adage that says a drowning man looks at and for every straw he sees to hold unto as what will help him. We therefore wish to advice our traducers to play politics of issues as the Hon. Karimi’s campaign organization is concerned about given attention to the outstanding and overwhelming support base it has garnered within and outside the APC rather than chase shadows.
We are surprised at the allegations of sponsored petition to block a particular Aspirant. This is baseless and an unfounded allegation to us. While Hon. Karimi is a Frontline Aspirant of the APC for Kogi West, it is unfortunate that people would misconstrue his acceptability by the people for the people’s rejection of them. Having adequately represented Yagba Federal Constituency with unblemished records of achievements, a feat that people of Kogi West want him to reenact, the major concern of Hon. Karimi is his preparation to meeting their needs and expectations as desired by them and not to dwell on issues as raised by the author of the baseless write up. The people should learn to separate party operations and the individual popularity Hon. Karimi is enjoying.
Without overstating the obvious, Hon. Karimi is a household name in Kogi West, a feat that has made his politicking easy. With a solid base that is not contestable. We make bold to say that with the people’s support, by the Grace of God and not any man, Hon. Karimi would emerge victorious.
It is unfortunate at the allegations churned out by the author of the write up making the rounds about money said to have exchanged hands. Between Gov. Yahaya Bello and Hon. Karimi, what does the latter has to give a governor as was insinuated. When the Gods according to an adage wants to reward the wicked, he first make them mad. The allegations of collecting money from Hon. Karimi by the Governor, clearly exposes the ignorance of the author of the mischievous report. It  has also further clearly shown that they have choosing to tread on a terrain of mudslinging for which they find it very difficult to perfect and convince the people.
For us in the campaign organization, time will definitely tell when the wheat would have been separated from the chaff that we know nothing about the unfortunate allegations made against our principal that is geared towards tarnishing the image and good reputation built over the years by Hon. Sunday Steve Karimi. We choose to live our case in the hands of God and surely know that he would reward everyone according to the measure of good deeds done.
For us our eyes is in the ball ahead of the goal and urged our teeming support base to discountenance attempt at playing to the gallery. For us the APC ticket for Kogi West is between Hon. Karimi and the rest and by the Grace of God, it is geared towards effective representation that will bring the much desired democracy dividends as has always been clamoured by the people and our founding fathers.
Johnson Aiyekotunmi Folarin
For Hon. Sunday Karimi Campaign Organisation, For Kogi West Senate.

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