Victor Adoji blasts Ibrahim Amadu, Echocho’s aide,  over comments.

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* Allegedly Suffering from overdose of substance.
The attention of Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji’s Campaign Organisation has been drawn to a jaundiced write up by one Ibrahim Amadu a supposed aid to Senator Jibrin Isah.
Ordinarily we won’t have bordered ourselves to dignify the writer with a response. However, we wouldn’t hesitate  to set the records straight.
To begin with, the PDP Zonal Rally held on the 4th of February, in Anyigba and the humongous crowd that graced the occasion was not just a political statement, but also an endorsement and acceptability of the PDP over all other parties in Kogi East.
 The show of solidarity for the party, and the total rejection of the APC which  requiem will be performed on the 25th February.
To even allude that Dr. Adoji doesn’t have a manifesto shows how pathetic and unintelligent the writer is. it’s on record that Dr Adoji is the only Senatorial Candidate who has not only a well-thought out manifesto, but one that is a product of various engagements and interactions with the constituents which is a true reflection of their aspirations and expectations.
 DVAA is the only candidate who has a documented contractual agreement with the people titled: _My_ _Social Contract_ which is even much advanced than a manifesto.
They has never been any time where the competence, character, and capacity of Dr. Adoji as to being a Senator been in contention. In short, Dr Adoji has in all aspects, especially in the requisite expected of a Senator towered above the reach of Jibrin Isah.
It’s not a secret that the conscription of Senator Jibrin Isah was to enable him survive economic strangulation occasioned by his financial recklessness.
This fact was made known on national television by an APC chieftain who informed the public that Senator Jibrin Isah prior to becoming a Senator was ‘dead’ and only ‘resurrected’ by Governor Yahaya Bello.
 We can now see why Senator Jibrin Isah cannot take any decision or support any policy in form of a bill or motion at the Senate without the express permission and approval of Governor Yahaya Bello.
This was the reason why he could shamelessly stand on the floor of the Senate to support and defend the gruesome and satanic murder of late Mrs. Salome. A mother, sister, and kinswoman. That is the more reason why Jibrin Isah will always go against his people just to please Yahaya Bello.
Just as earlier stated, Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji is too busy with meeting with the people of Kogi East who have overwhelmingly endorsed and chosen him above every other candidate to represent them at the 10th Senate which is a  matter of days, rather than concern himself with the antics and shenanigan of desperate and failed Senator.
As for the author of this watery write-up, Ibrahim Amadu, should  know  that the person of Dr Adoji is far beyond his  station to be used as a subject of restitution to please his  paymaster for his  uncontrollable  kleptomaniac acts that led to his  unceremonious sack,and shameful reinstatement.
Once again I state boldly that your horrible write up is as a result of your master’s living in delusion , occasioned by the fear of his inevitable defeat at the polls.
You can use your remaining time to seek cure for your master’s  present state of mind who is always moved to exchange blows with the electorate  as they continue to reject him, as it was in Ankpa , so it is  in Omala , Anyigba and  every other parts of Kogi East!

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