Odu  Youths  absolves Okala, from alleged destruction of community properties in kogi

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Odu  Youths  absolves Okala, from alleged destruction of community properties in kogi
Odu Community Youths Association, Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi, have dissociated the Accountant General of Local Government Councils from the violent attack on some properties in the area.
 The Youths in a statement, signed by the Chairman Akpai Obaka and Meliga Acheneje,  Secretary respectively, and made available to the press  in Lokoja, expressed displeasure over the malicious intention of the authors of the fabricated story linking Alhaji Yakubu Okala to their imagination that he could have participated in wanton destruction of the properties of his own people whom he has been helping for years.
The Association described him as a very humble, kindhearted philanthropist and a very pious religious man that can not hurt a fly, not to talk of taking part the dastard act.
According to the statement, “the people of Odu Community know Alhaji Okala as a leader of all, without showing discrimination either for religion or party affiliations.
For us it is strange linking Okala to violence and destruction of property of the poor people . There was no any attack or destruction of property sponsored by Alhaji Okala in our own community,
” For the information of the faceless liars and their fake platform,” World Gist”, Alhaji Okala is the only politician from Odu Community that have sunk boreholes, provided rural electrification, rehabilitated rural roads and constructed mosque in the Community.
“He equally provided scholarship to the indigent  students from the area, empowered Women and Youths with cash worth millions of naira to enable them  become self reliant among many other humanitarian gestures.
The Youths Association therefore appealed to the people of Odu Communities and indeed the entire Dekina local government area to disregard the orchestrated blackmail designed to set the people against Okala who has been helping the poor.
They equally pleaded with Alhaji Okala not to succumb to the antics of the blackmailers and retrogressive politicians who want him to abandon the people to suffer in abject poverty.
” We believe it is the duty of the Nigeria Police to investigate and fish out perpetrators of crime if at all there was any and not faceless people using Social Media to concoct falsehood with the intention to blackmail people of good will”, the Odu Youths stated.

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