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The ‘Judiciary’ has been described by the Advanced Learners Dictionary to mean: Judges as a group. The word is coined from ‘judge’ which means a person who decides the results of a competition or a public officer who decides cases in a law court or better still, a person with the necessary knowledge or skill to give an opinion or a verdict on a case in a law court.
Therefore, the ability to make sound decisions or form sensible opinions is called judgement.

With this background in our minds, it is very important to say that the judiciary is a vital organ in the socio-political and economic life of a country such as Nigeria.

In a democratic nation like Nigeria, the judiciary has strong roles to play in fostering unity, equity, progress, peace and development. No wonder, the Nigeria federal constitution gives prominent roles to the judiciary which has helped in stabilizing human existence.
The judiciary serves as an arbiter between aggrieved persons, organizations, governments and nations.

In the case of Nigeria, and like many nations of the world most especially in Africa, the judiciary has continued to receive praises and also criticisms over some judgements.
People’s reactions may be influenced by the impact such judgements might have had on them either positively or negatively.

In very recent times, the judiciary has been described by most Nigerians to have been working towards the much desired direction of this country, upholding true justice, firm, courageous and upright in most of its dealings and activities compared to the dark days when corruption and nepotism took the centre-stage.
Must therefore thank the present leadership at various levels of in the justice sector of the country. The Justice Olukayode Ariwoola’s led judiciary has given Nigerians the much needed new hope they deserve and that it can be trusted to do good job and to deliver justice to the ordinary man on the street. It is a known fact that without the judiciary doing its work properly, a state of anarchy may set in, and which is not very good for any human society.
Once again, we must thank the present crop of leadership in the judiciary for doing what is right and best for Nigeria as a country.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has demonstrated concrete and sincere leadership since his assumption of office in the year, 2023. He has put everyone on his or her toes and he has demonstrated, cautioned and demanded corrupt-free and upright dispositions from the ministries, agencies, departments and organizations working in the country, and the judiciary inclusive.

Present Tinubu should be commended for all his observations, contributions, appointments and support to the judiciary which have all culminated into the current winsome and comely performance in the country.

The legislative arm of the government at the national level too is also making waves by working on laws that will strengthen the judiciary especially on the monthly emoluments of the judicial officers. Yes, Nigerians and more importantly Kogites are grateful to the leadership of the judiciary for setting up a congenial environment to hear and listen to the huge cries of the people of Kogi State over the ill-fated November 11th, 2023 governorship election, which is currently before the Kogi State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja.

As we pen down this write up, the Tribunal as headed by Justice Yusuf Ado Birnin-Kudu and supported by Justice S.S. Ogunsanya and Justice Musa Usman, is winding down and Kogites are anxiously waiting for favourable judgement in a matter of days.

From our observation, we have seen a new judiciary at the national level ready to renew the hope of Kogites through the kind of judges handling the Kogi State election petition. All parties involved in the election petition were given ample time and chance to proof their positions before the tribunal, they canvassed for evidence which were admitted by them. Despite earlier intimidation and threats from hoodlums sponsored by a few faceless individuals, the tribunal judges did a diligent, fearless, honourable and commendable work that satisfied majority of Kogites who yearn for justice.

Kogites are now looking forward to receiving what the majority of people of the State would call ‘mother of all judgement’ which will be devoid of corruption, influence and unnecessary technicalities always associated with some political judgements in the past. The coming judgement must be progressive and people-centred that will cheer up the people and that will bring peace and development to Kogi State otherwise called the Confluence State.

Kogi State should and must be liberated by the judiciary from the political injustice placed on it by the enemies of the State.

Mallam Ibrahim M. Dansabe,
President, Kogi Youth Frontier For Good Governance.

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