The conundrum of Ajaokuta at 40, the burden of Nigerian youth.

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The conundrum of Ajaokuta at 40, the burden of Nigerian youth.

Writes comrade Okaraga Abdulganiyu Jimoh.

Forty years ago our dream of industrialization of Nigeria was born in our beautiful land of ajaokuta. Ajaokuta steel company, a federal government project is conceived to provide massive direct and ancillary jobs for the teeming unemployed Nigerians.
It is a fact that iron and steel has remained the bedrock of a nation’s innovation in science and technology.
This would have been our major economic driver as a nation, however ,till date there are yet any significant achievements, what are the probable challenges, if we may ask the leadership of our country.

Priority should be given to this gigantic project which has the potential of turning our fortunes as a nation around by putting us among the commity of developed nations and even spareheading us into a first world country.

Every presidential candidate bring forth how he or she will prioritise and swiftly complete Ajaokuta steel company at their campaign during elections but thus far it has only proven to be nothing but political propaganda.
Now let come to think of it with all reasonable sense of thoughts why do presidential candidate use Ajaokuta as a key point of campaign. It is obviously as a result of the undeniable wealth of iron and steel to any economy of the world, but till date I am perplexed how this has only been mere talks and campaign strategy.

President Buhari in his own effort met with the Russian counterpart president Vladimir Putin in October 2019 and also in June 2020 which has led to the recitation of Ajaokuta steel company being completed soon.

The national Assembly, our traditional leaders and some well meaning individuals have also added their voices to the revitalization of the steel project which is highly integrated.
As a country we need to diversify our economy, we are blessed with enormous mineral resources but lack ability to harness them to their optimum utilization.

It through industrialisation that a country could transmute from poor nation to advance Nation and Nigeria can only make progress when it embrace industrialisation and the completion of Ajaokuta will do the magic of turning us from the toga of a poor to a developed economy.
Leadership determination is all we need to achieve our dream. At this juncture, I call on his Excellency Alh yahaya Adoza Bello, The ohinoyi of Ebiraland and all other well meaning and positive minded Nigerians, individuals to step up their efforts in the actualization of the steel project not only for today but for generations to come.
I also use this medium to thank the EBIRA YOUTH CONGRESS and urge them to continue the struggle till victory is ascertained.
Long live Kogi!
Long live NIGERIA!!
God bless father land!!! God bless us all.

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