Fed Ministry of Health in collaboration with White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria are bringing Self-care closer to the communities in Niger state. 

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By: Yahaya Zakka Minna.

Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with None governmental organization NGO, partners the National self-care Guide for sexually reproductive and maternal health care in Niger state.

has come out with guide lines for self care intervention and it sub National level adoption in Nigeria.

In a sensitisation programme in Minna, the Coordinator of” self care in your community” has task the general public in the state to avails themselves with the products,stressing that self-care products are now available in pharmacy and PHC”s in the state.

He stated that self-care
is the ability of an individuals, families and communities to promote their wellness and prevent disease .

For instant people can now check their health status,conduct malaria and HIV Preliminary self test at home adding that the self Care products are readily available in the Hospital and PHC”s across the state.

He added that White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria is an informed approach to using home remedies as part of a qualified health care provider as it is entirely different from taking self prescribed medication which is usually done without consultating a qualified health care provider.

According to him self prescription is very risky and can lead to serious medical complications and even lead to death.

The White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria (WRAN) is a part of the National self-care in Bauchi and Niger state.

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