Kogi East Youths APC Movement reaffirms loyalty to Gov’ Ododo

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” Blasts  promoters of Ethnic politics.
A group under the aegis of Kogi East Youths APC Movement has reaffirmed and reconfirm their loyalty and support to kogi state Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo for his popular programmes designed for the youths in the state.
This is just as the group condemned ethnicization of politics in the state and called for a united front to move the state forward.
In a press conference  with the theme ethnic politics and political socialisation held  on Tuesday in Lokoja., the spokesperson of the group, Comrade Promise Emmanuel also known as Kogi Rebels, said , since assumption of office, the governor has demonstrated his love for the youth by allocating 55% slots of his cabinet to the youths.
Comrade Emmanuel who noted that the press conference was to address those who consistently used ethnic politics to fester their political interests and warned them to desist as they would not fold their arms to see them breaking the chord that binds the state.
He added that often times these politicians would unite in their interests, only to begin to drum ethnic war when their ambitions are threatened.
He said , those politicians  are driven by ambitions, and are weak in vision, creative solutions and lacking strong leadership qualities.
The spokesperson stressed that the APC  youths from the nine local government areas in Kogi East have denounced the quest by the professional politicians whose trade in stock is to deceive the youths by playing ethnic card when their ambitions are  defeated.
He noted that the Igala and Bassa nation is a progressive nation that accommodates other ethnic groups without subjective consideration and abhors politics of tribalism that does no good to the state.
” According to him, ” we are drawing an immutable line in the sand of tribalism and it has no place in our state.This malignant scourge seeks to tear the very fabric of our society with its corrosive , deceitful agenda. We announce its vile forces utterly and call for their complete and utter excision from the body politics of Kogi state
” We  stand firm, unshakable in our belief that the progress and prosperity of Kogi East and Kogi state can only be achieved when we extinguish the flames of tribalism and embrace our diversity as a source of strength, united we shall move mountains, divided by tribal affiliation, we are doomed to wallow in the abyss of backwardness and strife.
*It is with profound conviction that we throw our unwavering support behind the transformative leadership of Gov. Ododo. His resolute commitment to inclusive governance and rejection of tribal politics resonates powerfully with our core values.we celebrate his bold vision for a Kogi United under the immutable banner of human fraternity,not fractured by tribal fault lines.” He declares.
Emmanuel while reeling out achievements of Gov Ododo in hundred days in office, said , the God has to  supply operational vehicles to local security forces across the 21 LGC  to fight crime and criminality.
He added that his prompt response,to  Crisis in Omala  and  the kidnap of students of  the state university of technology Osara which lead to timely rescue of the abducted students while not relenting until the remaining ones are rescued from the kidnappers den was well deserved
Speaking from the sidelines, Hon. Matthew Ochada, a former Senior Special Assistant to Ex Governor Yahaya Bello said , the group decided to reaffirm their support to Gov Ododo as he has kept faith with his campaign promises as he has begun the full payment of salaries to local Government  pensioner and civil servants.
Ochada however, warned those who had stood against ethnic agenda when they were the beneficiaries, and  would now turned to champion tribal agenda when their ambitions could not be  satisfied.
He called on the people of good faith to fight with all their strengths against promoters of ethnic agenda whose selfish aim is to destabilise the state.

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