BN Workers seek Government intervention over extortion, Harassment, intimidation by Illegal NGO

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BN Workers seek Government intervention over extortion, Harassment, intimidation by Illegal NGO.

The Organised workers’ Union of the BN Ceramic Ajaokuta, has called on the Federal Government, Kogi state Government and Security Agencies to save the company from the hands of Pan African United Youths Development Network PAUYDN of incessant extortion, harassment and intimidation.

The Chairman of National Union of Chemical, Footwear, Rubber, Leather and Non Metallic Products Employees, BN Ceramic Industry branch Comrade Abdulkadir Adamu made the appeal on Thursday at a press conference held inside the company premises to intimate the general public of the illegal activities of the NGO against the company.

Comrade Adamu disclosed that sometime in January this year , the leaders of the illegal group, Habib Mohammed, Nigerian and Yara Yara, a Guinean, aided by some unscrupulous security personnel forcibly broke into the premises in the name of a Courtesy call, with its attendants security breach.

He said the group who were armed with a letter from the presidency which was later discovered to be fake, however, the management decided to give them an audience to avert their unruly behaviours.

He disclosed that their nefarious action caused panic and apprehension within the premises of the factory thereby disrupting production and also putting the lives of workers and expatriates at risk.

The chairman explained that the group had demanded for financial compensation and a donation of an air conditioner bus which the company initially declined, adding that for the sake of peace, the management decided to part with two millions naira under duress before they could vacate the premises.

He added that the group latter resorted to blackmail by waxing a viral video claiming that they were working for the interest of workers which they said fall within their mandate.

According to him, the invading Group claimed that their action became necessary to compel the management to honour the invitation of kogi state Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello for the anti labour practices against the workers.

He stated that, the BN Ceramic which has over 500 direct employees and over1000 citizens engaged in ancillary jobs , paying her corporate taxes and contributing their social responsibility to the host Communities, should not be allowed to be intimidated by the so called Pan African Youths advocate.

He decried the situation in a which , the youth crusader would forcibly invade , threatens and trespass into a production facility without authorisation against known safety rules and backed by yet to be identified security personnel in a Gestapo style leaves much be desired.

He averred that, his union was compelled to speak out because of the illegal activities of this group which have continued unabated in order to create impression that they were indeed fighting for the welfare of workers.
According to him, ” We have tremendous respect for Gov. Yahaya Bello whose proactive and pragmatism to matters of state is highly commendable. But , we believe that tagging him in a matter that has laid down procedures, especially workers’ issues is to legitimise illegal action.

” When they invaded our premises in January, they claimed they have the mandate of the presidency, and now they are dragging the name of the governor with their inglorious activities. We are of firm belief that they are using these offices to gain legitimacy . We are warning them to stop this wicked actions as we will not and cannot be used for their selfish agenda.

“BN Ceramic has been up and doing in attending to workers demands. We have robust industrial labour relations, . We have through the NLC and Ministry of Labour and productivity got the company unionised. And it has been meticulous in settling challenges facing workers.” He disclosed.

While calling on the relevant agencies to monitor the activities of this group, warned them to leave the BN Ceramic alone on their own interests.


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